Printable Foraging Journal

Foraging Journal

Ever spotted a chestnut tree in the spring only to forget where you saw it when fall finally rolls around? I sure have. And so I decided to create a foraging journal to help me keep track of my finds.

Inside of Foraging Journal

It has a section for each month, and enough room for me to note each find, it’s location, how much I picked, when I picked it and anything else that seems important. Now I have my own month-by-month foraging guide for my area, and a few less things to remember.

Foraging Journal - Various Formats

If you’d like to create your own foraging journal, you’re welcome to use mine. There’s a full-page version, if you prefer a large format, and a half-page version, if you’d like something a bit smaller. You can slide it into a full or half-size binder, fold it and staple it pamphlet style or even bind it. There’s lots of room to customize it to fit your needs. I’ll be using a half-size binder for mine, and I made each of my kids one of the pamphlet versions, complete with a laminated cover.

Half-Page Print Instructions: The pages are designed to print double-sided. If your printer has a built-in duplexing feature (it can be set up to print on both sides of a page). Just select the duplex option and the ‘flip on short edge’ option before you hit print. This will ensure that the pages are properly oriented. If your printer doesn’t do this, or that just sounds too complicated, simply print the odd pages first. Then, reload the paper into your printer (so it’ll print on the blank side); and print the even pages.

Full-Page Print Instructions Just hit print, and you should be good to go. If you’d like a spine for your binder, just print an extra copy of the cover, and cut a strip out to slide into the side of your binder.

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A Fishy Trade


My husband rescued this wheel from a curb pile a while back, and decided to put it in our yard sale this weekend.


Before long an older gentlemen arrived with a boat in tow. He was interested in the wheel, and asked if my husband would accept some crappie in trade. He had just gotten back from a fishing trip. I gave the nod of approval, and the man popped open the live well on his boat to reveal four crappie that were still swimming around (now that’s fresh).

Fried Fish

My husband filleted them. Then, we fried them up …

Fish Taco

and had fish tacos for dinner. And let me just say: that’s the tastiest wheel I’ve ever eaten.

Have you made any good trades lately? I’d love to hear about it.

How I Disaster-Proofed My House

How I Disaster-Proofed My House
In the 11 years that my husband and I have been homeowners, we’ve had:

  • Our neighbor’s tree fall on our house
  • Another neighbor’s tree fall on our garage
  • A sewer line back up
  • three gas leaks
  • A power surge fry our downstairs HVAC unit

So, it’s fair to say we have a bit of experience with the “what could go wrong?” side of homeownership, and because of that, we’ve taken a few extra precautionary measures to ensure that these problems (and others like it) don’t come up again. These are inexpensive fail-safes that I think everyone should implement, but unfortunately most people don’t even know they exist. So, let’s change that.

I’m going to tell you what we’ve done to protect our home, in the hopes that you’ll implement these measures in your home, and then tell your friends about them so they can do the same. Because spending a few bucks on preventatives is so much better than spending thousands on repairs.

And now, here’s what we did to diaster-proof our home. [Read more...]

How to Replace Washing Machine Hoses

How to Replace Washing Machine Hoses

Washing machine hoses. You probably bought a set when you bought your washing machine, installed them, and then forgot about them. Am I right? If so, you’re taking a major risk. Because washer hoses, they wear out.

Stand there and watch the next time your washing machine fills up, and you’ll see just how much pressure those hoses are under. It’s crazy!

And if your washing machine hoses are over five years old, you’re really flirting with disaster. Because if one of those hoses fails, guess where all of that water is going to go. Yep. Right into your house. That’s bad if your washer is in the basement, and really bad if your washer is located on another level of your home.

Because, let’s be clear on this point: If a hose fails, it will continue to pour water into your home, until you catch the problem and manually shut off the valve. There is nothing to stop it. No fail safe to save the day.

Just imagine how much damage could occur if a hose were to fail while you were at work or worse while you were on vacation. We’re talking catastrophic flooding. We’re talking call your insurance agent, pay your deductible and hire a construction crew to come tear out damaged dry wall and flooring. It is not a good way to spend your time or your money.

So, pay more attention to that washer hose. Replace it if it looks worn; and swap it out every five years, even if it looks fine. It’ll cost you $20 tops, and it could help you avoid thousands of dollars in damages.

According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, the average washing machine failure costs $5,308 after deductible

Suddenly inspired to replace your washer hose? Here’s how it’s done. [Read more...]

Coupons for Real Food

Coupons for Real Food

People say you can only find coupons for processed foods, but that just isn’t true. Check out this list of coupons for real foods and real ingredients, and see for yourself:


  • $1 off one Once Again Nut Butter product



  • $.55 off one Florida Crystals Sugar product
  • $.50 off any Star Vinegar
  • $1 off one Olivari Olive Oil
  • $.35 off any FLAV-R-PAC or WESTPAC product
  • $1 off one jar of Star Olives, 7 oz. or larger
  • $1 off Wholesome Sweeteners brand Organic Sugar, Stevia, Agave or Honey
  • $1 off any three Dole canned fruits


  • $.75 off one flip-top dispenser of Domino Sugar (Quick Dissolve Superfine or Pourable Brown)
  • $1 off one bottle of Domino Organic Blue Agave Nectar
  • $.55 off one Florida Crystals Sugar product
  • $.75 off any two Domino Sugar products, 2 lbs. or larger
  • $1.50 off one Tate + Lyle Fairtrade Certified Sugar product

Common Kindness

  • $1 off Alter Eco Unrefined Mascabado Cane Sugar
  • $1 off Alter Eco Thai Sticky Purple Rice
  • $.75 off any Clover Stornetta Farms product
  • $.75 off any Country Choice organic canister oats
  • $1 off any one Star Olive Oil, 7.2 oz. or larger
  • $.50 off any Uncle Matt’s organic 12 oz. juice
  • $.75 off any Uncle Matt’s organic 59 oz. juice
  • $1 off any Woodstock Frozen Fruit or Veggies
  • $1 off any Woodstock Organic or Natural Nut Butters

  • Click “Sign Up Now.” Register for a free account, and print a coupon for $1 off any fresh pork product

Like this list? I’ll be updating it weekly, so be sure to check back.