Receipt Survey Sweepstakes

Receipt Survey

Do you answer the surveys at the bottoms of receipts? I have on occasion, but this year I’m making a concerted effort to answer them every time I get one. I want to see if I can win one of the sweepstakes attached to them. I’ve always enjoyed entering sweepstakes in my spare time, and I’m just betting that the odds of winning one of these is better than your typical sweepstakes. I can’t imagine many people enter them.

Dollar Tree gives away $1,000 daily, plus $1,500 in weekly instant win prizes. Kroger gives away 100 $100 gift cards and one $5,000 gift card each month (plus they give you 50 bonus fuel points when you complete the survey). That’s quite a bit of money, and I certainly wouldn’t mind adding it to my bank account.

I started my experiment at the beginning of the month, and I’ve already had one small success. I spotted a survey sticker on a package of strawberries that we bought, and jumped online to answer the survey. When they asked how they had tasted, I reported that they hadn’t been very sweet. Then, I proceeded with the rest of the survey, and earned my sweepstakes entry. Much to my surprise I received an email of apology from the company within the hour, along with an offer to refund me for the berries. I wrote back, thanked them for their response, and told them that I had paid $1.99 for the berries. Well, I just received a letter from the company yesterday, and when I opened it, I found a hand-written card, saying they hoped I’d give them another try and a crisp $5 bill! Talk about great customer service.

I’m going to keep plugging away at those receipt surveys to see if I can win something. It doesn’t take much time, and it sure is fun to dream about the possibilities. I’ll let you know if I have any wins.

Do you enter receipt surveys? Have you ever won one of the sweepstakes? I’d love to hear from you.

How to Organize Receipts

How to Organize Receipts

Receipts – sometimes you have to hang on to them, but they sure do make a mess. Piling up on your desk, at the bottom of your purse, on the kitchen counter. Giving you something else to sort through and keep track of. Giving you more clutter to conquer.

If you’re fighting the same battle in your home, I’m happy to report that I finally found a solution. And it’s a simple one. [Read more…]

How to Organize Greeting Cards

How to Organize Greeting Cards

Buying ahead saves you time and money, but it only really works, if you have a way to keep everything organized. I’ve made a lot of strides in that department over the years, but it’s something I’m still working on. Something I will probably always be working on. Because life evolves, and your organizational systems have to continue to evolve with it.

I can always tell when I’ve come up with the right organizational solution because things just seem to stay neat and orderly on their own. That’s definitely been the case with the binder system that I created last January. It’s so easy to file papers now that everyone in the house just does it. And they actually put things in the right place. That part is always shocking for a mom.

But there are other areas of our home that aren’t as organized as I’d like them to be. My gift closet is one of those areas. [Read more…]

More Cabin Curb Finds

Bathroom Window

Thanks to a lucky curb find, we’re one window closer to having all the windows we need for our weekend homestead. I spotted the window you see above while we were on our way to pick up the kids the other day, and thought it might work in our bath house. When we pulled over to take a look, we discovered that it really was a bathroom window – it has frosted glass. How perfect is that?

Compost Bin

Then, this morning we spotted a compost bin in another curb pile, and scooped it up (this is our second compost bin rescue, if anyone’s counting). Since we already have a good compost system in place at home, we’re going to haul this one down to our weekend homestead and use it there. It should help to keep the animals out of our compost.

Portable Air Conditioner

And apparently this is our week for cabin finds, because while we were at our local Habitat Restore this morning, my husband spotted a high-efficiency portable air conditioner with a $100 price sticker, and he just happened to have a $25 off $100 coupon in his wallet (see why I married him?). So, we paid $75, plus tax for an air conditioner with a suggested retail of $599!

We looked the air conditioner up when we got home, and it’s capable of cooling 425 square feet, and costs about $1 a day to run. Pretty sweet deal, I think. Now, we just need to wire the cabin, so we have something to plug it into. Details, details.

The weather has been slowing our work on the cabin down a bit, but I should have another progress report for you soon. Spoiler alert: the cabin has both walls and windows these days. Cuz we’re just fancy like that.

Michaels $2 Grab Bags

I popped in Michaels yesterday afternoon to pick up something I needed for a project, and my daughter spotted a bin of $2 grab bags by the door.

Michaels Grab Bags

I had heard people talk about these online, but I’d never gotten in on the action. I just always seemed to be too busy for a trip to the store, when I heard the bags were out. Looks like luck was finally on my side.

If you haven’t heard about this bit of bargain-shopping fun yet, here’s the deal: Michaels takes all of their unsold holiday merchandise and clearance items, dumps them in shopping bags, and sells the bags for $2 each. You can’t open the bags in store, but you can see enough through the plastic (and peeking through the top of the bag), to get an idea of what you’re getting.

We poked around in the bin a bit, and picked out 10 bags to buy. So what did we get for our $20? Let me show you … [Read more…]