Where’s Erin?

Carpenter Bee Trap Orders

If you’ve been looking for me, I’m probably somewhere behind that big stack of boxes. Our carpenter bee trap instructions went viral on Facebook, so we had to make a bunch of server upgrades and site tweaks to keep the website up and running. That kept us busy for all of Monday and Tuesday. Then, we started getting lots of e-mails and comments from readers who wanted to buy our traps. So, we added them to our Etsy shop Wednesday afternoon, and we were immediately flooded with orders.

It was clear we were going to need better tools, if we were going to be mass producing carpenter bee traps, so we raced to the store for a miter saw and a drill press, and we set up shop in our driveway. [Read more…]

Spring Curb Shopping Highlights

Spring curb shopping is the best. People get busy decluttering, and we get busy picking up things we need for free. Here are some of the things that we’ve picked up so far:

Trunk Full of Irises

An entire trunkload of irises. I gave my mother-in-law half of them, and kept the rest for myself. They’re deep purple.

I also rescued a copy paper box full of irises from another pile (not sure what color they are yet) and a pot of pink hyacinth bulbs from still another pile. It’s amazing how many plants I’ve gotten from curb piles over the years (sure beats paying for them). [Read more…]

Selling at a Flea Market

Flea Market

We had a bunch of leftovers from our giant yard sale a few weeks ago, so we decided to take them out to the flea market Saturday. This was a new experience for us, so my husband and I were both curious to see how we’d do. Here’s the scoop on how that went, along with some tips for first-timers. [Read more…]

Little Free Library

Little Free Library

My husband and I were headed home from a morning of curb shopping, when he spotted a Little Free Library a block from our house! Do you know about these?

Little Free Library Sign

Basically it’s a little weather-proof box filled with books that are free for the taking. You can borrow books, and bring them back, or you can even keep them. They just ask that you add books to the box. “Take a book, return a book” is their motto.

Inside of Little Free Library Box

When I looked inside the box, there were nine books and one DVD.

Free Books

I took two home with me …

Donated Books

and I took five back. They didn’t have any kids’ books yet, so I figured I’d get their collection going.

I absolutely love the Little Free Library concept, and had been thinking about adding one to our yard. When my husband worked outside the home, we set up a free box at his office, with a “take what you need; leave what you don’t” motto, and it was a big hit with his co-workers.

I checked the LittleFreeLibrary website, and there aren’t any libraries listed in our town, so I’m thinking we’ve found the perfect project for my oldest daughter’s Girl Scout Silver Award. She loves books and recycling as much as I do.

If you’re interested in building a Little Free Library, or just want to see if there are any in your area, check out LittleFreeLibrary.org.