Crockpot Stuffing

Crockpot Stuffing

Free up some oven space and time by making your Thanksgiving stuffing in the crockpot. Here’s my recipe:

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2016 Tea Towel Calendar

2016 Tea Towel Calendar

My 2016 tea towel calendar is now available over in my Etsy shop, and this time it’s all about pie. Six tasty slices of pie all plated up and waiting to tempt your taste buds.

The first order went to New Zealand, and another is headed to California today. I’d love to send one your way.

Cherry Pie Closeup

They’re printed on a heavy, cotton-linen canvas, so these are hard-working, made-to-last towels.

Pie Closeup

And they make truly top-rate holiday gifts. I gift several of these each year.

Garden Journals .

If you decide to pop over to my shop to check out the towels, be sure to check out my garden journals, too. They’re made from recycled Reader’s Digests. I just sent the green one to France!

MFH Home Tour: Living Room

Living Room Home Tour

Three weeks ago, I decided to get serious about doing a home tour for you guys, and then it rained FOR. THREE. WEEKS. STRAIGHT. The sun finally decided to show itself this morning, so I quickly grabbed my camera and got to work. Interested in a tour of my living room? Follow me. [Read more…]