Friday Freebies

Friday Freebies

Fridays already have a lot going for them, but now there’s even more to like. Here’s the scoop on how you can score three full-size freebies each and every Friday: [Read more...]

How to Get Free Firewood

How to Get Free Firewood

We’ll be heating our weekend homestead with two wood stoves, and that means we’re going to need plenty of firewood. We plan to harvest fallen trees from the property, but we’ll also be getting firewood from our favorite store: Curb Mart

Since our town has large trash pick up, people don’t haul trees off when they cut them down; they just pile them up at the curb, and wait for the trash truck to get them. That’s great news, if you’re a curb shopper with a wood stove and a way to haul firewood.

Spring is the best time to “shop” for firewood, since people tend to be focused on cleaning up their yards, but really you can find free firewood anytime of the year.

Living in a suburban town as we do, people frequently cut the wood into fireplace-size logs before putting it at the curb. Maybe they think it looks neater that way? Perhaps it’s so it’ll be easier to carry? I don’t know, but if they want to take care of that chore for me, I’m all for it. Heck, if you’d like to split the wood too, that’s fine by me. Just leaves me more time for curb shopping.

Wood Pallets

If you’re going to get your firewood at Curb Mart, I also recommend picking up wood pallets. They’re usually made out of hardwood to stand up to the weight of the items being shipped on them, so they burn beautifully. Just cut them up, and toss them in the fire. There’s no need to season them first.

Pallets Cut Up for Firewood

Just be sure to look for the “HT” marking on pallets; it’s an indication that they’ve been heat-treated (aka kiln-dried). You don’t want to burn any that have been pressure-treated. They’ll have an MB on them, which stands for Methyl Bromide.

Do you have other sources for free firewood? I’d love to hear about them.

How Much Clothing Will $2 Buy?

$2 Clothing Bag

Quite a lot, if you’re shopping at a yard sale.

We stumbled upon an unadvertised sale at the local middle school Saturday. The orchestra was having a fundraiser, and by the time we got there, clothing was $2 a bag. Sweet! Since my daughters are 10 and 12, and I still wear juniors sizes, this sale was perfect for us.

We spent some time digging through all the clothing boxes, and found some great stuff. Clothes from Justice, Gap, Old Navy and all those other brands that the kids love.

All told we ended up with 16 pieces of clothing for two bucks. That’s less than $.13 a piece!

My kids were so excited, I didn’t even get to snap a picture before they started wearing stuff. In fact this picture is minus two of the shirts that we bought.

Cabin Finds

We’ve been using our weekends to work on the cabin, so we haven’t really gotten to yard sale this month. No complaints, but after a while that gets a girl to jonesing. Happily we managed to squeeze in some yard saling yesterday and today. And I’m so glad we did because we found some great stuff for the cabin. Check it out:

Vintage Cast Iron Wall-Mount Sink

We stopped at a downsizing sale this morning, and everything was overpriced. I didn’t let that turn me off though because I’ve learned that even the most overpriced sale will usually have a few bargains. You just have to find the stuff they don’t care about. I’m so glad we stuck it out because this gorgeous cast iron sink was sitting off by itself just waiting to be discovered.

I asked about it, and was told the previous owners had put it in the bathroom (finally, that item they didn’t care about). It had a $20 price tag, and we talked them down to $17. What a steal. It’s a vintage wall-mount sink, with it’s original mounting hardware and it’s been reporcelained. I plan to use it in the bathhouse. [Read more...]

Halloween Candy Coupons

Halloween Candy

Need to buy candy for your trick-or-treaters? Here are some coupons to lessen the blow to your wallet:

Want to save even more?

Then, skip the candy tradition all together, and do what I do.