Curb Find Corner Cabinet: Before & After

Corner Cabinet

The kids are out on a two-week fall break, so I’ve been knocking out lots of projects, including fixing up this corner cabinet that we picked up from a curb pile a couple weeks ago.

It was very much in need of a good scrub and a paint job, so that’s exactly what it got. [Read more…]

Curb Find Farm Table: Before and After

Curb Find: Farm Table

Remember this farm table that my husband and I rescued from a neighbor’s curb pile a couple years ago? It had definitely seen better days. The table top was covered in tar paper; the legs on one end of the table were shorter than the ones on the other end; and a wood block had been added to one corner, presumably so a meat grinder, vice grip or something similar could be attached to the table.

Well, we finally gave it a makeover this week. We’ve been using it in our cabin for the past year, wonky legs and all, so it was well past time. [Read more…]

Curb Find: Arbor


This summer we rescued a HUGE arbor from a curb pile. It was in great shape, but missing its posts. We hauled it up to our cabin, planning to use it at one of our trail heads, and it’s been sitting there ever since. This week, we finally picked up some new posts from Lowes, and put it together. It looks like it was custom built for that spot, don’t you think?

Now, I just need to figure out what to grow on it. Since it’s made of pressure treated wood, edibles are out. Have any flowers to suggest? It’ll need to be something deer resistant, otherwise it’ll just turn into a big wildlife buffet.

Curb Finds: Corner Cabinet and Picnic Table

Corner Cabinet

Earlier today, my husband suggested we take a break from work to do a little curb shopping. I’m so glad he did because we found this corner cabinet in a pile. Crazy, right? It should work well in the living room of our cabin. It just needs a good scrub and a fresh coat of paint. Now to decide on a color.

Picnic Table

We also found this picnic table in another pile (it’s upside down in the picture). We need to replace a couple boards, but otherwise it’s in great shape. We’ll also be hauling this up to our cabin. I’ve been trying to round up four picnic tables – two to use by the pond, and two to use further down our hiking trails. This makes table #2. I found the first one at a thrift store this summer. It’ll be interesting to see where we find table #3 and #4.

It was a pretty slow curb shopping summer, so I’m really excited to see that the cooler temperatures are inspiring people to clean out their homes. I can’t wait to see what we’ll find next.

Had any good finds recently? I’d love to hear about them.

Habitat Restore: Antique Furniture Finds

Primitive Blanket Chest

Before we go on any trip, we always jump on to print a list of the thrift stores in the city we’ll be visiting. It’s our idea of vacation fun.

This past weekend we were in Charlotte, NC for FinCon, so we hit the town armed with our list of 24 thrift stores, and we managed to hit all of them. The Habitat Restores in Charlotte were hands down the best Restores I’ve ever been to. The cashier at one of them said they were the number one Restore in the country. I don’t know if that’s true, but I suspect it is.

I bought the primitive blanket chest shown above for just $75. The wood is hand-scrapped, and some of the boards are 17 inches wide!

Blanket Chest Lock

I’m such a sucker for primitive pieces, but they’re usually crazy expensive. $75 was a steal. [Read more…]