More Cabin Curb Finds

Bathroom Window

Thanks to a lucky curb find, we’re one window closer to having all the windows we need for our weekend homestead. I spotted the window you see above while we were on our way to pick up the kids the other day, and thought it might work in our bath house. When we pulled over to take a look, we discovered that it really was a bathroom window – it has frosted glass. How perfect is that?

Compost Bin

Then, this morning we spotted a compost bin in another curb pile, and scooped it up (this is our second compost bin rescue, if anyone’s counting). Since we already have a good compost system in place at home, we’re going to haul this one down to our weekend homestead and use it there. It should help to keep the animals out of our compost.

Portable Air Conditioner

And apparently this is our week for cabin finds, because while we were at our local Habitat Restore this morning, my husband spotted a high-efficiency portable air conditioner with a $100 price sticker, and he just happened to have a $25 off $100 coupon in his wallet (see why I married him?). So, we paid $75, plus tax for an air conditioner with a suggested retail of $599!

We looked the air conditioner up when we got home, and it’s capable of cooling 425 square feet, and costs about $1 a day to run. Pretty sweet deal, I think. Now, we just need to wire the cabin, so we have something to plug it into. Details, details.

The weather has been slowing our work on the cabin down a bit, but I should have another progress report for you soon. Spoiler alert: the cabin has both walls and windows these days. Cuz we’re just fancy like that.

New Year’s Thrift Store Finds

This is my favorite time of year to shop at thrift stores. They get lots of donations in December from people looking to grab a last-minute tax deduction and even more in January as people get to work on their New Year’s resolutions. That means more inventory than usual and often better quality inventory.

Here’s a look at what I’ve snagged over the past week:

Thrift Store Books

Books – I usually blow right past the book section when I’m in thrift stores, but I’m glad I didn’t this time because they had some killer stuff, including a canning book that’s been on my wishlist for several years. Books were just $.50 each, so we really made out. [Read more…]

Christmas Pumpkins


As soon as the Christmas decorations go up, the Halloween pumpkins hit the curb. We drove around Friday night and picked up all the pumpkins that people were throwing out, and we ended up with a whole trunk full. Looks like our chickens will be eating very well this winter.

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Keurig Curb Find


We were taking our kids to school Friday morning when my husband spotted a Keurig sitting at the curb. He’s wanted one for a long time, so we stopped and picked it up.

When we got home, he tested it, and discovered it wasn’t making full cups. So, he jumped on the Internet, watched a few YouTube videos, and learned how to clean and descale it. The result? A fully-functional Keurig and a happy husband.

I pulled all the free K-cups that I had in my gift closet, so he could start enjoying it right away, and we’ll be ordering a reusable K-cup, so he can fill his own cups with ground coffee (much cheaper).

My New Favorite Store

Galvanized Wash Tub

Yesterday my husband and I hauled a load of scrap metal to the recycling center. When we went inside to pick up our earnings, we were surprised to see that they had items for sale in the lobby. Metal shelving, vintage gas cans, tools and the big galvanized wash tub that you see above.

And the prices were crazy good. They were only asking $3 for the wash tub (and it’s a biggie). So, basically, it looks like they’re rescuing usable items from the scrap bin, and selling them at their scrap value. Pretty cool.

It always made me a little sad to think about the things that were getting melted down just because someone needed the cash, so I love that they’re doing this. And being a bargain-loving kind of girl, it looks like I’ll be stopping by the recycling center more often.