Curb Find: Closet Organizers

Curb Mart was running a special on closet organizers last night. We rescued all of these things from a single curb pile:

Plastic Shoe Boxes

11 plastic storage bins. 9 with lids. 2 without …

Shelf Organizers

2 large shelf organizers …

Box of Hangers

and a bunch of hangers. I’ll keep the white ones for my closet, and save the rest for the next consignment sale.

Did you have any good curb finds this weekend? I’d love to hear about them.

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Cheap Art

Moulding Art

Pay a lot for artwork? Nah, that just isn’t my style. In fact, you see the collage pictured above? It’s made of door trim from old homes that were slated for demo. I scooped up a stack of trim at a yard sale, and asked my husband to nail them together for me. I just love all the contrasting colors and textures and the history behind the piece.

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JFG Jars

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