Christmas Pumpkins


As soon as the Christmas decorations go up, the Halloween pumpkins hit the curb. We drove around Friday night and picked up all the pumpkins that people were throwing out, and we ended up with a whole trunk full. Looks like our chickens will be eating very well this winter.

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Keurig Curb Find


We were taking our kids to school Friday morning when my husband spotted a Keurig sitting at the curb. He’s wanted one for a long time, so we stopped and picked it up.

When we got home, he tested it, and discovered it wasn’t making full cups. So, he jumped on the Internet, watched a few YouTube videos, and learned how to clean and descale it. The result? A fully-functional Keurig and a happy husband.

I pulled all the free K-cups that I had in my gift closet, so he could start enjoying it right away, and we’ll be ordering a reusable K-cup, so he can fill his own cups with ground coffee (much cheaper).

My New Favorite Store

Galvanized Wash Tub

Yesterday my husband and I hauled a load of scrap metal to the recycling center. When we went inside to pick up our earnings, we were surprised to see that they had items for sale in the lobby. Metal shelving, vintage gas cans, tools and the big galvanized wash tub that you see above.

And the prices were crazy good. They were only asking $3 for the wash tub (and it’s a biggie). So, basically, it looks like they’re rescuing usable items from the scrap bin, and selling them at their scrap value. Pretty cool.

It always made me a little sad to think about the things that were getting melted down just because someone needed the cash, so I love that they’re doing this. And being a bargain-loving kind of girl, it looks like I’ll be stopping by the recycling center more often.

How Much Clothing Will $2 Buy?

$2 Clothing Bag

Quite a lot, if you’re shopping at a yard sale.

We stumbled upon an unadvertised sale at the local middle school Saturday. The orchestra was having a fundraiser, and by the time we got there, clothing was $2 a bag. Sweet! Since my daughters are 10 and 12, and I still wear juniors sizes, this sale was perfect for us.

We spent some time digging through all the clothing boxes, and found some great stuff. Clothes from Justice, Gap, Old Navy and all those other brands that the kids love.

All told we ended up with 16 pieces of clothing for two bucks. That’s less than $.13 a piece!

My kids were so excited, I didn’t even get to snap a picture before they started wearing stuff. In fact this picture is minus two of the shirts that we bought.

A Fishy Trade


My husband rescued this wheel from a curb pile a while back, and decided to put it in our yard sale this weekend.


Before long an older gentlemen arrived with a boat in tow. He was interested in the wheel, and asked if my husband would accept some crappie in trade. He had just gotten back from a fishing trip. I gave the nod of approval, and the man popped open the live well on his boat to reveal four crappie that were still swimming around (now that’s fresh).

Fried Fish

My husband filleted them. Then, we fried them up …

Fish Taco

and had fish tacos for dinner. And let me just say: that’s the tastiest wheel I’ve ever eaten.

Have you made any good trades lately? I’d love to hear about it.