Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Driving around to look at Christmas lights is a tradition for my family, as I’m sure it is for many of yours. But this year we’re going to do something a bit different. We’re going to have a Christmas light scavenger hunt. My kids are beyond stoked.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Card

I printed our cards today. Now, we just need to wait for a free night to give it a go.

Want to challenge your family to a Christmas light scavenger hunt? Just print a set of game cards (they’re free), and you’re good to go. There are four, bingo-style cards, and each one is different.

Since we’ll be playing in the car, I laminated our cards. This will allow us to use dry or wet erase markers on them.

If you decide to do this with your family, I’d love to hear how your scavenger hunt went.

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Vintage Christmas Home Tour

Curb-Shopped Holiday Wreath

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my holiday wreath, and you know where I got it? A curb pile. Yep, it was someone else’s cast off. Pretty lucky find, since it fits in perfectly with the red, brown and gold color scheme that I chose this year.

If you love vintage and curb finds as much as I do, you’re going to love the rest of my Christmas decorations. Come take a quick tour of my house. [Read more…]

MFH Secret Santa Gift Exchange 2015


Photo © Flickr user LadyDragonflyCC

Alright, guys. It’s high time we started some traditions around here, and a Secret Santa gift exchange seems like a really fun place to start. Don’t you think?

Here’s How This Will Work:

Please limit your spending to $10 or less. We frugal types can do A LOT with ten bucks, so if you find something that’s worth more than $10, that’s a-okay. Second-hand gifts and homemade gifts are fine (this is a frugal gift exchange, after all).

If you want to participate, you need to sign up before the end of the day on December 12. Once sign-up closes, I’ll draw names, and you’ll receive an e-mail to let you know whom you got.

For this to be fun for everyone, please follow through, if you sign up, and try to get gifts in the mail promptly. I’m hoping everyone will receive their gifts by the end of the month, but if a gift has a long way to travel, that may not always work out.

This is open to all MFH readers and forum members, so keep in mind that you could receive the name of someone who lives outside of the U.S., and that could affect shipping costs.

If you’re good with everything I just outlined, hop over to to create an account (free). Then, enter your name and mailing address to sign up. After the registration period closes, I’ll draw names, and everyone will receive one name and address. Your information will not be shared with anyone else. I respect your privacy.

Since we often only know each other by our forum member names/the user names that we use to comment on the blog, feel free to include that in the notes section when you sign up.

Here’s where you need to go to throw your name in the hat.

Note: Elfster was a bit buggy earlier today, but it seems to be running fine now. If you run into any problems, please give it another go.

Printable Gift Subscription Gift Tags

Wrapped Gift Subscription

Magazine subscriptions make great gifts, but they don’t really give you anything that you can wrap and give. Occasionally the publisher will send you a little certificate to tuck inside a card, but that’s not very exciting to open (or give).

An Easy Solution: Buy the current copy of the magazine you’re giving, and add a gift tag announcing the subscription.

Magazines with Gift Subscription Gift Tags

That’ll give the recipient something to unwrap, and something to enjoy while they wait for their first issue to arrive in the mail.

Country Living Gift Subscription

If you add a bit of ribbon or trim, and it’ll really look like something special. I just love the way this piece of vintage trim dressed the magazine up.

Better Homes and Gardens Gift Subscription

And this piece of grosgrain ribbon is a nice match to the cover.

I just tied the ribbon around the magazine, and taped the subscription gift tag over top of it, but you could easily cut a slit in each side of the tag, and slip the ribbon through it instead.

And because you know I wouldn’t show you my gift tags without letting you use them too, you can download them for free.

Printable Gift Subscription Holiday Gift Tags

Print the holiday gift subscription gift tags

Printable Gift Subscription Gift Tags

or the all-occasion gift subscription gift tags, and let the gifting begin!

I recommend printing them on card stock, so they’ll have a little weight to them.

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