Attend Free Movie Screenings

Attend Free Movie Screenings

Last night my husband and I attended a free screening of Delivery Man, a hilarious new movie that will be in theatres November 22. We aren’t rich or famous and we don’t know the right people, so how did we snag tickets to a movie that isn’t even out yet? We just signed up with a few websites.

Want all the details, so you can do it too? Here they are: Movie studios sometimes set up advanced screenings of their new movies to build hype. These screenings usually occur in major cities (but not always). Then, they give the tickets away. Some of them go to newspaper journalists and other media types, so they can review the movie, but a good number of them go to regular moviegoers like you and me. They’re posted on one of a handful of websites, and if you’re signed up with these sites, you get a notification whenever tickets are available.

Earlier this week, I received an e-mail that there were tickets available to a screening of Delivery Man in my area. I clicked over to the site; signed in; and quickly snagged two. Then, I printed my ticket, and called the grandparents to babysit. Easy enough.

Our ticket said to show up early, since they often overbook, so we arrived at 6:30 for a 7:00 showing. They had a table set up for the screening, and quickly marked us off a list. No standing in a ticket line or forking over an obscene sum for tickets. The theatre was pretty packed, so I was glad we took their advice about arriving early.

The movie was piped in via satellite (kinda cool), and before it started, Vince Vaughn and Chris Pratt did a live introduction of the movie (very cool). Then, it was just like any other night at the movies.

So what are the websites already? To increase your chances of getting tickets, I recommend signing up for all of these:


Treat Yourself to a Free Shopping Spree

Coupons for free products are fun to use – especially when you cash in a bunch at once. That’s why I like to save up all my freebie coupons until I have enough to send myself on a mini shopping spree. Sometimes I’m even able to tie in free events for even more fun.

Check out the latest free shopping spree that my family went on:

  • We hit Toys R Us for a free Lego build. The kids each got a free Lego accessory set to take home
  • Then, we headed over to the mall, where I used two free panty coupons at Victoria’s Secret, and we each used a $15 off $15 coupon at Express. The kids used their’s to buy Christmas presents for each other. On our way out, we stopped by Godiva, where they were giving away free samples of their pumpkin truffles. Yum!
  • Next up … the kids’ Halloween party at Trader Joes, where my kids each scored a free pumpkin, snacks and a few other goodies
  • On our way home, we happened to pass a Trunk or Treat event at a church, so we stopped there, too. The kids got candy, and we all got free chili for lunch. Bonus!
  • And the final stop on our free spree… a Trunk or Treat at my in-laws church. That netted us more candy and free dinner, complete with dessert

All in all it was a great day, and it didn’t cost us a cent.

If you’ve never treated yourself to a free shopping spree, I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to get in a bit of guilt-free shopping, and it can be a real adventure.