Cabin Update: Siding, a Porch and a Surprise

My mother-in-law requested the girls for an overnight the last two Saturdays, so my husband and I snuck off to the cabin to work, and we got so much done.

Siding Progress

I nailed up a bunch more cedar shakes. Look how close I am to the end now! I shouldn’t have any problem tying this project up in September.

Window Trim

And my husband got two out of the three back windows trimmed out. It’s crazy how much more finished things look with a bit of trim.

But the really exciting improvement is the work that we got done on the bath house. [Read more…]

Weekend Homestead: Summer Progress

The kids have been back in school for two and a half weeks now, so let’s talk about what we got done at our cabin this summer.

Hanging Cedar Shakes

You may remember that my husband started installing cedar shakes on the backside of the cabin over spring break. Well, that project had been really slow going, mostly because he hated the drudgery of it. I happen to love repetitive tasks (gives me time for my mind to wander), so I took over that project about a month ago, and now it’s moving right along. [Read more…]

Well-Drilling Day

Well Drilling Rig

When we got up yesterday morning, we had no idea we’d be getting a well. We’d hired a driller two weeks ago, and had been waiting anxiously for our turn. The call finally came while we were having breakfast (perfect timing, since we were already up at our weekend homestead). [Read more…]

Tour the MFH Office

Mini Office Makeover

I’ve worked out of the same 100-square foot home office for the past 12 years, and while my location hasn’t changed, life sure has. Instead of running one website out of that office (, I now run two websites and an Etsy shop out of that space, and I share it with my husband. He quit his job two and half years ago to come work with me.

That’s a lot to cram into one tiny room, and it’s made organization a challenge.

But we make it work. [Read more…]

Our Cabin Gets Color

I picked out our paint colors for the cabin months ago, and I’ve had the paint sitting in the basement ever since. We’ll, I’m excited to say I finally got to pull that paint out of storage and put it to use. Here’s a first peek at my picks:

Painted Front Door

The front door got two coats of Sherwin Willam’s Grays Harbor (SW 6236). I really like the way it contrasts with the weathered oak siding. [Read more…]