Cheap Paint = More Cabin Progress

Cabin Living Room

A terrific paint sale triggered another round of work at the cabin. Lowes had their half-pint paint samples on sale for $.99 each (with no limit) a few weeks back, and it didn’t take a frugal girl like me long to figure out that if I got four half-pints, I’d have a quart of paint for $3.96, rather than the $30 something that they sell their quarts for. So, I headed over, and picked up enough paint to redo my latest round of curb finds and yard sale scores. [Read more…]

Vintage Camp Chair Makeover

Ripped Camp Chair

I bought this vintage folding camp chair at a yard sale a year or so back (I think I paid all of $1 for it). It wasn’t ripped at the time, but it tore shortly after we started using it. I guess it had dry-rotted.

Since the frame was still in good shape, I decided to make a new seat for it. [Read more…]

New Year’s Curb Finds

Normally the winter months are not good for curb shopping, but January is kind of the exception. People get busy on their New Year’s resolutions to clean out their homes and get organized, and suddenly good stuff starts to pile up at the curb. Really good stuff.

Like the stuff that my husband snagged on Friday while taking the kids to school. Here’s what I found waiting for me downstairs when I crawled out of bed.

Electric Stove

An electric stove We looked it up on Amazon, and this little stove is capable of heating up to a 400 square foot space. It currently sells for $148. The plug was broken (one of the prongs had come out), so we’ll put a new plug on it, test it to make sure everything is operating properly, and then take it up to our cabin. We don’t have electricity up there yet, but once we do, I’m thinking this will be just the thing to keep us warm overnight, once the fire in our wood stove starts to die down. Sure beats getting up a bunch of times to add wood to the fire.

Green Bookshelf

A solid-wood bookshelf It’s really close to the color that I painted the floors in the cabin, and should work beautifully as a pantry. I’m imagining it tucked between the two windows on the back wall of the kitchen.

Green Shelf Closeup

It has a small footprint, so it’ll add a lot of storage space, without tying up a bunch of floor space.

I can’t wait to haul it up to the cabin.

Have you found anything good in curb piles this month? I’d love to hear about it.

Vintage Christmas Home Tour

Curb-Shopped Holiday Wreath

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my holiday wreath, and you know where I got it? A curb pile. Yep, it was someone else’s cast off. Pretty lucky find, since it fits in perfectly with the red, brown and gold color scheme that I chose this year.

If you love vintage and curb finds as much as I do, you’re going to love the rest of my Christmas decorations. Come take a quick tour of my house. [Read more…]