How to Organize Greeting Cards

How to Organize Greeting Cards

Buying ahead saves you time and money, but it only really works, if you have a way to keep everything organized. I’ve made a lot of strides in that department over the years, but it’s something I’m still working on. Something I will probably always be working on. Because life evolves, and your organizational systems have to continue to evolve with it.

I can always tell when I’ve come up with the right organizational solution because things just seem to stay neat and orderly on their own. That’s definitely been the case with the binder system that I created last January. It’s so easy to file papers now that everyone in the house just does it. And they actually put things in the right place. That part is always shocking for a mom.

But there are other areas of our home that aren’t as organized as I’d like them to be. My gift closet is one of those areas. [Read more…]

A Peek Inside My Gift Closet: Wrapping Supplies

I never let anyone inside my gift closet – not even my husband, but I decided to give you guys a unprecedented glimpse of what I keep in there. The topic of today’s top-secret tour: my gift wrap supplies.

The thought of paying for gift bags, ribbons, cards and the like pains me, so I’ve found ways to get around buying them.

A Peek Inside My Gift Closet: Wrapping Supplies

See this big stash of gift bags? I didn’t pay for any of them. Whenever someone in my family receives a gift in a gift bag, I carefully fold the bag and add it to my stash, after the present has been opened. I keep them in an empty computer paper box, organized by occasion (Christmas, birthday, etc.) and size.

Wrapping Paper

I also keep a good stock of wrapping paper on hand. Most of these rolls came from yard sales (some of them were even free). I rescued a giant roll of kraft paper from a curb pile a while back (a leftover from a renovation project), so once these are gone, I’ll switch to using that exclusively. A metal trash can (also a curb pile rescue), keeps everything corralled nicely.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is another item that I save. If it’s still in good shape after a gift has been opened, I fold it, and add it to my tissue paper collection. It didn’t take long to amass a rainbow assortment.


Pretty ribbons and bows? Yep, I keep those, too. A wire egg basket makes it easy for me to see what I have without a lot of digging.

Greeting Cards

And while I’m not a big card person, I still keep a nice assortment of cards on hand. Most of these came from free card offers.

Add in my impressive stock of free scotch tape, and that pretty much covers all of my gift wrap needs.

Do you keep a similar collection of supplies in your gift closet? Have you found a better way to organize them? I’d love to hear about your gift closet.