Printable Foraging Journal

Foraging Journal

Ever spotted a chestnut tree in the spring only to forget where you saw it when fall finally rolls around? I sure have. And so I decided to create a foraging journal to help me keep track of my finds.

Inside of Foraging Journal

It has a section for each month, and enough room for me to note each find, it’s location, how much I picked, when I picked it and anything else that seems important. Now I have my own month-by-month foraging guide for my area, and a few less things to remember.

Foraging Journal - Various Formats

If you’d like to create your own foraging journal, you’re welcome to use mine. There’s a full-page version, if you prefer a large format, and a half-page version, if you’d like something a bit smaller. You can slide it into a full or half-size binder, fold it and staple it pamphlet style or even bind it. There’s lots of room to customize it to fit your needs. I’ll be using a half-size binder for mine, and I made each of my kids one of the pamphlet versions, complete with a laminated cover.

Half-Page Print Instructions: The pages are designed to print double-sided. If your printer has a built-in duplexing feature (it can be set up to print on both sides of a page). Just select the duplex option and the ‘flip on short edge’ option before you hit print. This will ensure that the pages are properly oriented. If your printer doesn’t do this, or that just sounds too complicated, simply print the odd pages first. Then, reload the paper into your printer (so it’ll print on the blank side); and print the even pages.

Full-Page Print Instructions Just hit print, and you should be good to go. If you’d like a spine for your binder, just print an extra copy of the cover, and cut a strip out to slide into the side of your binder.

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Back-to-School Printables

Gearing up for another school year? Here are some printables to help you get ready:

School Binder Cover

Customize this binder cover with your student’s name or the class it will be used for. Then, print it out, and slide it into the front of a binder. [Read more...]

Kids’ Consignment Sale Pricing Guide

Consignment Sale Pricing Guide

Participating in your first kids’ consignment sale, and not really sure how to price your stuff? Yep, that’s the tricky part. But, I can help you with that. Having participated in several consignment sales, I’ve learned a lot about how to price items for maximum sales and profits, and I’ve developed a pricing guide around what I’ve learned. You can print it here, but before you do, I’d like to explain a few things about my pricing strategy:

  • People are willing to pay more at consignment sales than they would at yard sales, but if you price your items too high, you’ll just end up carrying your stuff back home at the end of the sale. My price recommendations are all about hitting that sweet spot, middle-of-the-road-number that’s going to make both you and shoppers happy
  • Baby clothes don’t sell well at consignment sales, (probably because baby showers fill that need for most moms), and my prices reflect that. If the sale you’re participating in limits you to a certain number of items, I’d recommend using your tags on other things first and then bundling several like baby clothes items together to save tags and increase your chances of a sale
  • Baby gear does sell well. Really well, in fact. And you can ask more for it. This is true of large items in general. Outdoor play equipment is in high demand, and usually sells early in the sale
  • Brand is everything, and needs to be factored into your pricing. I’ve included lists of good, better and best brands to help you figure out where your items fall in the consignment hierarchy
  • Every consignment sale has it’s own personality and it’s own rules. Brands that do really well at one sale may be on the “won’t accept” list at another sale. This is something you’ll just have to get a feel for over time
  • Pricier neighborhoods, mean pricier sales. While I’ve done my best to create a pricing guide that works everywhere, you may need to adjust your prices up, if you’re participating in a swankier sale

See Also:

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Vegetable Blanching Times Chart

Vegetable Blanching Times Chart

Freezing vegetables while they’re in season is a smart move that can save you a ton of money. And it happens to be really easy, too. Just chop your vegetables into whatever size you want; blanch them to preserve their quality; then, cool them off in an ice water bath, and pop them in the freezer.

Not sure what blanching is? While it sounds really fancy and complicated, it’s nothing more than submerging vegetables in boiling water to stop the enzyme processes that cause them to go bad. Different vegetables have different blanching times, so I put together a chart to help you keep them all straight. I plan to stick mine on the side of the fridge for easy reference. And this time of year, I’ll be looking at it A LOT.

Want to add a copy of my vegetable blanching chart to your fridge or recipe book? Get it here.

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Printable Trip Pack List

Printable Trip Pack List

Packing for a trip is never fun, and neither is discovering that you left something important at home. So, I created a free trip pack list to make the packing experience less painful. It lists 124 commonly packed items, and includes room for you to add your own. Use it to get your next trip started off on the right foot.

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