Vegetable Roasting Times Chart

Printable Vegetable Roasting Times Chart

Roasting vegetables is easy, and it does such amazing things to their flavor. When you expose vegetables to high temperatures, it concentrates their flavors, and turns normally spicy or bitter vegetables sweet. If there’s a vegetable that you don’t like, try it roasted, and you may just discover a new appreciation for it. Roasting is transformative.

Once the vegetables start coming in from the garden hard and fast, roasting becomes a regular part of my dinnertime routine. Just chop some vegetables up; toss them on a cookie sheet with some olive oil and salt; pop them in the oven; and you have a side dish that everyone is happy with. It’s cooking at its simple best.

Since different vegetables have different roasting times, I always found myself racing to my computer to look up the recommended roasting time for this vegetable or that vegetable, and that had begun to get old. Being a fan of simple solutions, I decided to create my own vegetable roasting chart to keep in the kitchen. It now lives on the side of the fridge next to my vegetable blanching times chart. Between the two, there’s not a vegetable I can’t tackle. [Read more…]

Seasonal Garden To-Do Lists

Seasonal Garden To-Do Lists

Spring, summer, winter, fall – there’s always work to be done in the garden. Use these free printable garden to-do lists to keep up with all of your garden chores, so you don’t overlook anything important. I’ve created a to-do list for each season (even winter). Just check tasks off as you complete them, and it’ll be easy to see what you have left. There’s even room to add your own tasks. [Read more…]

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Ready to dive into your spring cleaning, but not sure where to start? Print a copy of my spring cleaning checklist, and use it as your guide. It breaks down all the essential cleaning tasks room by room.

Stick it on your fridge, and check off tasks as you complete them. Before you know it, you’ll have your whole house back on track.

And if getting organized and/or clearing out clutter is a part of your spring cleaning plans, these other printables that should help with that:

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