Pimento Cheese Recipe

Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Pimento cheese is too good to be just a southern thing. If you’ve never had it before (or you’ve only had a grocery store knock off), this is your chance to treat your taste buds to something truly special. While most grocery store pimento cheese has a smooth, spreadable consistency, this recipe makes a chunkier spread. It’s what you’d expect to be served, if you ordered a pimento cheese sandwich at a really good deli. And it’s the only way I serve it at my house. [Read more…]

Chocolate Pudding Mix Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Pudding Mix Recipe

Homemade chocolate pudding is the go-to dessert in my house, when one of us gets a sudden craving for something sweet. It only takes 12 minutes and one pan to make a batch, and it’s something the kids can make themselves. In fact, my 11-year-old is usually the one that makes our pudding.

In the interest of creating fewer kitchen messes, I decided to convert my single-batch pudding recipe into a mix that we could just scoop out as needed. This means the sugar, cocoa and corn starch don’t have to come out every time we want pudding (which really means I don’t have to clean up powdery spills every time we make pudding).

Now, we just scoop one cup of mix into a sauce pan, and we’re off and running. Easy!

Want to add a jar of chocolate pudding mix to your pantry? Here’s my recipe. [Read more…]

Brownie Mix Recipe

Homemade Brownie Mix Recipe

Over the past week, I’ve made 11 pans of brownies. That’s a lot of baking and a lot of hours in the kitchen, but it was worth it because I now have a brownie mix recipe that I love. It makes dense, fudgy brownies, and it comes together in minutes. Seriously, you could make this brownie mix faster than you could run to the store for one. And unlike those store-bought mixes, this one has no mystery ingredients. Here’s the recipe. [Read more…]