Wishing You a …

Wishing You a...

Christmas Curb Shopping

We took the kids on a Christmas light scavenger hunt the other night, and we soon found ourselves curb shopping. It’s just what happens in our family. I think a lot of people must be decluttering before their holiday guests arrive because there were tons of piles.

We picked up two nice coolers at one house, but our real score came when we spotted a massive pile in front of a house that had just been placed on the market. We scooped up a large framed mirror, an umbrella-style clothesline, a truck bed liner and several storage bins. Then, we turned our attention to the large black trash bags. I nudged one with my foot, and it sounded like it was full of glassware, rather than trash. Hoping it was kitchen items, I decided to load it into the car, too.

Around this time, the homeowner pulled into the driveway and he came over with a flashlight to help us shop. Ha! Apparently someone else had shopped his pile earlier in the evening and scored a sewing machine. Nice.

With our trunk full, we decided to head home to see what was inside the grab bag that we’d chosen.

And man was it a good bag!

Stoneware Mixing Bowl

This stoneware mixing bowl was one of the first things we pulled out, and as soon as we saw it, we new we were going back for the rest of the bags.

We sorted through 10 bags in all, and this is what we kept. [Read more…]

Weekend Homestead: Two Months In

It’s been two months since we started working on our little weekend homestead. Here’s a look at what we’ve gotten done.

The cabin now has a back wall, so this view is gone for good:

Back Wall of Kitchen

And now that that’s taken care of, we’re working on the side wall.

Side Wall Before Tear Down

The rim joist needed to be replaced, and there were several other issues with that wall, so we tore it out and started over. [Read more…]

My Weekend Homestead – A Month In

The kids were out of school for Election Day yesterday, so we squeezed in an extra day of work on the cabin. We’ve been working on it for about a month now, so I thought I’d give you guys a quick update.

Cabin - Before

This is what the cabin looked like when we started.

Cabin - 1 Month In

And this is how it looks now. We’ve replaced all the broken windows across the front of the cabin, but the biggest change is on the back side. Remember how it was wide open in the back? [Read more…]

Cabin Finds

We’ve been using our weekends to work on the cabin, so we haven’t really gotten to yard sale this month. No complaints, but after a while that gets a girl to jonesing. Happily we managed to squeeze in some yard saling yesterday and today. And I’m so glad we did because we found some great stuff for the cabin. Check it out:

Vintage Cast Iron Wall-Mount Sink

We stopped at a downsizing sale this morning, and everything was overpriced. I didn’t let that turn me off though because I’ve learned that even the most overpriced sale will usually have a few bargains. You just have to find the stuff they don’t care about. I’m so glad we stuck it out because this gorgeous cast iron sink was sitting off by itself just waiting to be discovered.

I asked about it, and was told the previous owners had put it in the bathroom (finally, that item they didn’t care about). It had a $20 price tag, and we talked them down to $17. What a steal. It’s a vintage wall-mount sink, with it’s original mounting hardware and it’s been reporcelained. I plan to use it in the bathhouse. [Read more…]