Christmas Break at the Huffstetler House

We’re back to work after a 17 day break. So what did we do while we were off? We enjoyed some downtime and caught up on things around the house. Here’s a look at what we did.

Frozen Beans

We were almost out of canned beans, so I cooked two big stockpots of dried beans – one of black beans and one of kidney beans – and added 20 jars of beans to the freezer. By doing big batches, I only have to soak and cook beans a few times a year, and it saves us a ton. The last time I ran the numbers, we were paying $.48 a can for our beans, vs. $1 for a store-bought can, and we get to skip all the sodium that comes with those store-bought cans. A big bonus. [Read more…]

2016 Tea Towel Calendar

2016 Tea Towel Calendar

My 2016 tea towel calendar is now available over in my Etsy shop, and this time it’s all about pie. Six tasty slices of pie all plated up and waiting to tempt your taste buds.

The first order went to New Zealand, and another is headed to California today. I’d love to send one your way.

Cherry Pie Closeup

They’re printed on a heavy, cotton-linen canvas, so these are hard-working, made-to-last towels.

Pie Closeup

And they make truly top-rate holiday gifts. I gift several of these each year.

Garden Journals .

If you decide to pop over to my shop to check out the towels, be sure to check out my garden journals, too. They’re made from recycled Reader’s Digests. I just sent the green one to France!

New! My Frugal Home Forum

Forum Screen Shot

Have you noticed the new tab that we added to the categories at the top of the screen? Yep, we now have a forum here on MyFrugalHome! decided to shut their forums down at the end of the month, including my Frugal Living forum, so we set up shop here. It’s been a busy week of coding, but we now have a new place to hang out! Come share tips and recipes; join one of our challenges; get the scoop on the latest freebies; or just stop by to chat. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and to learn new things.

Check Out the Forum

This Year’s Christmas Card

For the past couple years we’ve put a picture of our chickens on the front of our Christmas card, but this year, we’re going to have to use this picture. My husband happened upon it yesterday while he was doing some research on the University of Tennessee’s digital archive.

It’s a picture of a wagon from Huffstetler Mills, a grain mill that used to be here in town in the early 1900s. I wish we still had a mill in the family. It would be awesome to have a free flour hook up.

While researching our house a few years back, I uncovered another interesting tie to the mill. Our house, which was built in 1920, has a poured concrete foundation. Thomas Edison had just started experimenting with concrete foundations, so it was pretty cutting edge technology, and the only place you could get concrete in town at that time was Huffstetler Mills. Pretty cool, huh?

And since we’re already traveling back in time, here’s another interesting fact about our house: the woman who started the writing major at my alma mater (one of my chosen majors), also lived in our house. We didn’t know any of this when we bought the house. It’s almost like it picked us, wouldn’t you say?