This Year’s Christmas Card

For the past couple years we’ve put a picture of our chickens on the front of our Christmas card, but this year, we’re going to have to use this picture. My husband happened upon it yesterday while he was doing some research on the University of Tennessee’s digital archive.

It’s a picture of a wagon from Huffstetler Mills, a grain mill that used to be here in town in the early 1900s. I wish we still had a mill in the family. It would be awesome to have a free flour hook up.

While researching our house a few years back, I uncovered another interesting tie to the mill. Our house, which was built in 1920, has a poured concrete foundation. Thomas Edison had just started experimenting with concrete foundations, so it was pretty cutting edge technology, and the only place you could get concrete in town at that time was Huffstetler Mills. Pretty cool, huh?

And since we’re already traveling back in time, here’s another interesting fact about our house: the woman who started the writing major at my alma mater (one of my chosen majors), also lived in our house. We didn’t know any of this when we bought the house. It’s almost like it picked us, wouldn’t you say?

Well-Drilling Day

Well Drilling Rig

When we got up yesterday morning, we had no idea we’d be getting a well. We’d hired a driller two weeks ago, and had been waiting anxiously for our turn. The call finally came while we were having breakfast (perfect timing, since we were already up at our weekend homestead). [Read more…]

Shopping at an Amish Salvage Store

Something I haven’t told you about our weekend homestead yet: It’s in an area that’s being settled by the Amish. The first families came down from Pennsylvania three years ago. Now a bunch more families are moving to the area. We’ve been told 42 Amish families will be relocating to the area. And we’re really enjoying watching their community take shape.

There’s a great Amish bake stand that’s open on the weekends, and we love to stop there for fresh donuts. They’re ridiculously good.

And since this spring, several homes and businesses have gone up. There’s a new saw mill, a dry goods store, a hardware store and a wonderful salvage grocery store.

We finally made time to visit the salvage grocery store yesterday, and I really wish we had done it sooner. The deals are incredible. Take a look at what I brought home:

Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins

(5) bag of SunMaid chocolate covered raisins for $.50 a bag [Read more…]

Checking In …

It’s been three weeks since the carpenter bee trap madness started, so I thought I’d drop in and give you guys an update.

Lots of Carpenter Bee Traps

Remember all those bread racks we rescued from a curb pile? Turns out they’re really handy, if you own a carpenter bee trap factory.

When I last left off, we had sold 1,045 traps. We have now sold over 1,700 traps! Crazy, right? I still can’t believe we managed to make and ship that many traps. And the orders keep coming in. Right now we’re shipping between 40-50 a day. It’ll be interesting to see how long this goes on. [Read more…]

Our Cabin Gets Color

I picked out our paint colors for the cabin months ago, and I’ve had the paint sitting in the basement ever since. We’ll, I’m excited to say I finally got to pull that paint out of storage and put it to use. Here’s a first peek at my picks:

Painted Front Door

The front door got two coats of Sherwin Willam’s Grays Harbor (SW 6236). I really like the way it contrasts with the weathered oak siding. [Read more…]