Fruit Trees on Clearance

Fruit Trees on Clearance

The company that I bought my lemon tree from,, is running a fall clearance sale this weekend, and quite a few fruit trees are 72% off. To give you an example of the savings, a 4-5 foot Tangelo tree that usually sells for $109.95 is marked down to $29.95!

I was planning to buy an orange tree from them this winter, so I think I’m going to go ahead and place my order now.

If you live somewhere that experiences cold winters (like me), just plant your tree in a large pot and bring it indoors for the season. My lemon tree is wintering in the dining room, and it’s doing beautifully.

Here’s what my lemon tree looked like when I received it, and here’s what it looks like now. We should be picking our first crop of lemons in a couple weeks!

Sale ends at midnight on 11/18/13.

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