How to Season Wooden Spoons

How to Season Wooden Spoons

A well-made wooden spoon is a joy to cook with. I have my great grandmother’s wooden spoon, a couple hand-carved spoons that I bought from a local craftswoman and a couple more oldies that I picked up at estate sales. I love them all. The weight of them. The way they fit my hand. Their beautiful shape. Their wood grain. Using them just makes me happy.

I want them to last a long time – long enough for me to pass them on to my daughters, so I take care of them. I seasoned each of one when I got it, and I re-season them regularly. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s well worth the effort.

Feel the same way about your wooden spoons? Here’s how to season them:

Mineral Oil

Pick up a bottle of usp-grade (aka food-grade) mineral oil from the drugstore or hardware store.

Oiled Wooden Spoon

Step 1: Use a rag to apply a thick coat of the mineral oil to your spoons. Be sure to work with the grain.

Step 2: Give the oil several hours to soak in.

Step3: Then, come back, and wipe off the excess.

Repeat the process at least once a month.

My Great Grandmothers' Wooden Spoon

Seasoning a New Wooden Spoon?

The wood will probably be a lot thirstier. If you find that the spoon has absorbed all of the oil that you applied, give it a second coat. Still thristy? Do a third coat. Keep going until you have an excess of oil on the surface of the spoon.

Washing Your Wooden Spoons

Seasoning your wooden spoons is only one part of caring for them. If you want them to last, keep them out of the dishwasher. Hand-wash them in soapy water (don’t submerge them). Then, dry them off, and set them out to finish air drying.


    • Erin Huffstetler says

      Yep, I wash them and allow them to dry first. Some store-bought wooden spoons come with a protective finish and may not have to be seasoned right away. But when I buy hand-carved wooden spoons from local artisans, I always season those before I use them.

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