Weekend Homestead: Countdown to Summer

Installing Board and Batten Siding

We’re back from another weekend of working on our weekend homestead. As you may remember, we’ve been rehabbing an unfinished cabin that was abandoned 12 years ago. We started work in October, and we’ve been making slow, but steady progress ever since. Here’s what we’ve done so far [Read more…]

Printable Storage Bin Labels

Printable Storage Bin Labels

Labeled Storage Bin

Storage bins are a great organizational tool, but it’s not always easy to remember what you put inside each one. They all look the same once you stow them on a shelf!

I’ve tried labeling them with my label maker, but those labels just aren’t big enough to stand out – especially when your bins are tucked away in a dark corner of the basement or attic.

And they don’t give you enough detail either. Slapping a “Christmas Decorations” label on a bin doesn’t do much to help you find your Christmas wreath when you have five other bins that are labeled the same way.

So, I did what I always do in these situations – I dreamed up a new printable. [Read more…]

Couponing at Dollar Tree

I headed into Dollar Tree this morning with a fistful of coupons, and I came out with some killer deals. Did you know they accept coupons? Yep, they sure do. And that’s great news with all the name brand products that they stock these days. Here’s what I scored:


Jennie-O bacon for $.45 a pack, after a $.55 Coupons.com coupon (no longer available) …

Super Pretzel Poppers

and Super Pretzel Poppers for $.50 a bag, after a $1-off-2 Redplum coupon (1/25 RP)

Pretty amazing deals don’t you think?

Cobblestone Buns

I was hoping to snag some more $.45 Cobblestone buns (using a Coupons.com coupon that a reader tipped me off to), but they were out today. I’ll just tuck those coupons away for my next trip.

Want to snag deals like these?

The Krazy Coupon Lady does a weekly Dollar Tree coupon match-up.

I’d also recommend printing a copy of Dollar Tree’s coupon policy, so you’re familiar with the rules.

A Couple Things to Note:

  • Some products sell out quickly, but they get restocked regularly. They were out of bacon on my last couple trips, so I just held on to my coupons until they had more
  • Don’t be surprised if you have a coupon that doesn’t work from time to time. I tried to use a Snyder’s Pretzel coupon today, but the register wouldn’t take it. Sometimes manufacturers make smaller versions of a product for Dollar Tree, and their barcode just isn’t included in the coupon (even if there are no size restrictions listed). You may get a cashier that’s willing to manually enter it for you, but a buck is already a great deal, so I’d just let it go otherwise. If you’re going to be shopping week after week, I think it’s more important to develop a good relationship with the cashier.That’ll save you more in the long run

Are you a Dollar Tree couponer? I’d love to hear what items you’ve been snagging for free or cheap.

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2002 Jeep Liberty

High-mileage vehicles – they’re kind of our thing. We buy used cars, and then we do whatever it takes to keep them on the road. A coat of wax twice a year keeps the paint looking nice, and some basic maintenance and upkeep helps us to avoid many expensive repairs.

So, when we bought our weekend homestead, and suddenly found we needed a vehicle with four-wheel drive (our other vehicle couldn’t make the drive in), we didn’t hesitate to buy another high-mileage vehicle – a 2002 Jeep Liberty with 189,00 miles. The body was good. It drove well, and it didn’t seem to have any major mechanical issues.

We paid just $2,900 for it – taxes and all, so we figured there was plenty of room to make repairs, if we needed, too. And you know what? We’ve been driving it for four months now, and in that time we’ve only had to replace one sensor. Can’t complain about that.

Having gained some confidence in our Jeep, we decided it was time to address some of the small issues that it came with. [Read more…]

Receipt Survey Sweepstakes

Receipt Survey

Do you answer the surveys at the bottoms of receipts? I have on occasion, but this year I’m making a concerted effort to answer them every time I get one. I want to see if I can win one of the sweepstakes attached to them. I’ve always enjoyed entering sweepstakes in my spare time, and I’m just betting that the odds of winning one of these is better than your typical sweepstakes. I can’t imagine many people enter them.

Dollar Tree gives away $1,000 daily, plus $1,500 in weekly instant win prizes. Kroger gives away 100 $100 gift cards and one $5,000 gift card each month (plus they give you 50 bonus fuel points when you complete the survey). That’s quite a bit of money, and I certainly wouldn’t mind adding it to my bank account.

I started my experiment at the beginning of the month, and I’ve already had one small success. I spotted a survey sticker on a package of strawberries that we bought, and jumped online to answer the survey. When they asked how they had tasted, I reported that they hadn’t been very sweet. Then, I proceeded with the rest of the survey, and earned my sweepstakes entry. Much to my surprise I received an email of apology from the company within the hour, along with an offer to refund me for the berries. I wrote back, thanked them for their response, and told them that I had paid $1.99 for the berries. Well, I just received a letter from the company yesterday, and when I opened it, I found a hand-written card, saying they hoped I’d give them another try and a crisp $5 bill! Talk about great customer service.

I’m going to keep plugging away at those receipt surveys to see if I can win something. It doesn’t take much time, and it sure is fun to dream about the possibilities. I’ll let you know if I have any wins.

Do you enter receipt surveys? Have you ever won one of the sweepstakes? I’d love to hear from you.