How to Recover a Lampshade

How to Recover a Lampshade

Thrift stores are full of lamps that are just begging for a makeover.

Thrift Store Lampshade Before

I mean, take a look at this vintage lamp that I found at a thrift store a few months ago. I was immediately drawn to the color and the raised bamboo pattern. It just needed the right lampshade to bring it back to life. [Read more…]

Make Your Own Ant Bait Traps

Make Your Own Ant Bait Traps

Dealing with ants now that the weather has warmed up? Yep, so are we. For the past couple summers we’ve had a persistent ant problem centered around our kitchen sink, and our tried-and-true solutions haven’t been working. We’ve made ant poison by mixing borax and powdered sugar together in equal parts. We’ve kept the sink cleaned out and dry. We’ve wiped down the sink and surrounding countertops with vinegar to remove their scent trails. None of it’s working. So, it’s clearly time to up our game.

And up it, we have. We just made a bunch of homemade ant bait traps. One went in the sink, where we’re seeing the ants, and the rest went around the foundation of our house. Makes sense, right? I mean why wait for the ants to come into your house? Kill’em before they have a chance to get there.

Here’s a look at how we made our ant bait traps. [Read more…]

Our Cabin Gets Color

I picked out our paint colors for the cabin months ago, and I’ve had the paint sitting in the basement ever since. We’ll, I’m excited to say I finally got to pull that paint out of storage and put it to use. Here’s a first peek at my picks:

Painted Front Door

The front door got two coats of Sherwin Willam’s Grays Harbor (SW 6236). I really like the way it contrasts with the weathered oak siding. [Read more…]