Cornbread Mix Recipe

Homemade Cornbread Mix Recipe

Ditch those little boxes of cornbread mix. This homemade mix makes better cornbread, and only contains real ingredients. [Read more…]

How to Make an Essential Oil Inhaler

How to Make an Essential Oil Inhaler

Looking for a way to take essential oils on the go? Then, make an essential oil inhaler. They’re the size of a tube of lip balm, and they seal tight, so you don’t have to worry about them leaking in your bag. To enjoy your favorite oil blend, just unscrew the lid, and inhale deeply.

If you’ve ever used a Vicks (R) Vapor Inhaler these work just like those. The only difference is that you get to pick what goes inside. Make inhalers to relieve headaches, congestion from a cold/flu or seasonal allergies, motion sickness or even insomnia. There are so many possibilities. Here’s how they’re made. [Read more…]

How to Remove Grease Pencil

Thrift Store Shoes

We found some killer deals at thrift stores while we were on vacation last week, like all of these shoes that you see above. But a large number of our finds came from a store that uses grease pencil (aka China marker) to mark their prices. I hate that! Worse still, they write the prices on the sides of most of their shoes, which means the brand new pair of Keen sneakers that I found had a big $12.99 written on the side. Argh!

Still, $12.99 for a pair of Keens is just too good to pass up (they retail for around $90), so I bought them, and several other things, and decided it was high time we devised a way to remove grease pencil. [Read more…]

How to Prep for a Consignment Sale Faster

Shoes for Consignment

Every time I prepare for a kids’ consignment sale it gets a bit easier. When I first started out, it used to be a multi-day project. Now, it’s something I can knock out in an afternoon. And that’s largely because of a few small investments that I’ve made along the way. Here’s a look at what I use to prepare for a consignment sale faster and with fewer hassles. [Read more…]