Coupons for Real Food

Coupons for Real Food

People say you can only find coupons for processed foods, but that just isn’t true. Check out this list of coupons for real foods and real ingredients, and see for yourself:


  • $1 off Brown Cow Non-GMO Greek Yogurt
  • $1 off any Once Again Nut Butter product



  • $1 off any Olivari Olive Oil
  • $.55 off one C&H Flip-top Sugar Canister (Quick Dissolve or Pourable Brown)
  • $.55 off one Sargento Natural Cheese Slices
  • $1 off one jar of Star Olives, 7 oz. or larger
  • $1 off Wholesome Sweeteners brand Organic Sugar, Stevia, Agave or Honey


  • $.75 off one flip-top dispenser of Domino Sugar (Quick Dissolve Superfine or Pourable Brown)
  • $1 off one bottle of Domino Organic Blue Agave Nectar
  • $.55 off one Florida Crystals Sugar product
  • $.75 off any two Domino Sugar products, 2 lbs. or larger
  • $1.50 off one Tate + Lyle Fairtrade Certified Sugar product

Common Kindness

  • $1 off Alter Eco Unrefined Mascabado Cane Sugar
  • $1 off Alter Eco Thai Sticky Purple Rice
  • $.75 off any Clover Stornetta Farms product
  • $.75 off any Country Choice organic canister oats
  • $1 off any one Star Olive Oil, 7.2 oz. or larger
  • $.50 off any Uncle Matt’s organic 12 oz. juice
  • $.75 off any Uncle Matt’s organic 59 oz. juice
  • $1 off any Woodstock Frozen Fruit or Veggies
  • $1 off any Woodstock Organic or Natural Nut Butters

  • Click “Sign Up Now.” Register for a free account, and print a coupon for $1 off any fresh pork product

Like this list? I’ll be updating it weekly, so be sure to check back.

How to Tell When Crabapples are Ripe


I’ve been watching the crabapple trees near our house closely, and it’s almost time to pick them! If you’ve never picked crabapples before, here’s a simple way to tell when they’re ripe and ready! [Read more...]

How to Keep Birds from Eating Your Grapes

Immature Grapes

Our grape experiment was a huge success. Read on for my update.

Grapes are easy to grow, but hard to protect from birds. The first year our grape vines produced, I decided to hold off on netting our grapes, until I saw the first sign of birds munching on them. Well, the very next morning all of our grapes were gone. Clearly the wait and see approach was the wrong approach to take.

Having learned from the experience, we netted our grapes as soon as they set fruit last year. And that worked brilliantly, until a mocking bird figured out how to get inside of our nets. She had quite the feast at our expense, and we were left with just a few grapes (not grape bunches) to sample.

But that’s all in the past. This year, we will be the ones to eat our grapes. And we’ve taken drastic measures to ensure that it ends up that way … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Printables

Gearing up for another school year? Here are some printables to help you get ready:

School Binder Cover

Customize this binder cover with your student’s name or the class it will be used for. Then, print it out, and slide it into the front of a binder. [Read more...]

2014 World’s Longest Yard Sale Finds

We made our annual trek to the World’s Longest Yard Sale this past weekend, and while the weather seemed to keep a lot of vendors away, we still managed to find a few deals. Here’s a look at this year’s haul:

Vintage Enameled Lights

I love these vintage enameled lights (it’s the kind of lighting that you might have found in a school or industrial building back in the day), but they’re getting popular, and that means they’re getting pricey. I saw some going for as much as $125 a piece! I lucked into an end-of-the-sale deal, and got two for $30 (the seller was originally asking $38 for the big one). Later in the day, I scooped up another shade for $5. I’m sure with a little patience, I’ll find everything else I need to make it complete.

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