2014 World’s Longest Yard Sale Finds

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Vintage Enameled Lights

We made our annual trek to the World’s Longest Yard Sale this past weekend, and while the weather seemed to keep a lot of vendors away, we still managed to find a few deals. Here’s a look at this year’s haul:

I love these vintage enameled lights (it’s the kind of lighting that you might have found in a school or industrial building back in the day), but they’re getting popular, and that means they’re getting pricey. I saw some going for as much as $125 a piece! I lucked into an end-of-the-sale deal, and got two for $30 (the seller was originally asking $38 for the big one). Later in the day, I scooped up another shade for $5. I’m sure with a little patience, I’ll find everything else I need to make it complete.

McCoy Crock

I also found … a McCoy crock in my pattern. They were asking $5; I paid $4.

White Lock Box

An old lock box, minus the lock. I paid $5, and plan to use it on my coffee table to store remotes. It was full of rainwater when I found it, so I’ll have to let it dry out a bit first.

Blue Bat House

A sturdy blue bat house for $5. Bring on the free mosquito control!

Christmas Yard Stick

A vintage yard stick with a Christmas message printed on it ($3). I have a project in mind for this. If it goes well, I’ll share it soon.

Vintage Tins

Two small vintage tins. I plan to pour a lotion bar in the yellow one. Not sure what I’ll put in the other one yet.

Felt Santa

Another felt Santa for our collection ($2). We decorate a tree with them each Christmas, and the kids really enjoy tracking them down at yard sales. My oldest daughter spotted this one.

Vintage Magnets

My kids each have a set of lockers in their room (they’re great kid storage), so they enjoy collecting fun magnets to stick on them. My youngest daughter picked out a few fruit and cracker magnets at one booth ($.50 each). Then, my oldest daughter spotted more of the fruit magnets at another booth, and picked them up for her sister (free). I snagged the “good egg” magnet ($.50). I seem to have a bit of a chicken magnet theme going.

Amish Dolls

My youngest daughter also bought these Amish dolls. She paid $5 for the two on the left and another $2 for the one on the right.

Junior Girl Scout Doll

And then she bought this Junior Girl Scout porcelain doll. The lady was asking $10, but she talked her down to $9, and agreed to put $8 of her own money into the purchase.

Yard Sale Finds

My oldest daughter bought this winter cap ($1), combo bank ($2) and Elmo mirror ($.25). She plans to hang the mirror in a friend’s locker as a joke.

Chicken Waterer Base

And now, on to the man stuff …

My husband bought a new base for our chicken waterer ($1.50), to replace one of ours that isn’t working well.

Parts Bike

A bike for parts ($8). He plans to put the chain on a bike that he rescued from a curb pile last week. The rims will be used on my bike, so I can have one set of rims with road tires and one set with nubbies (for mountain biking).

Man Yard Sale Finds

And then, he bought this assortment of smalls: an electric timer ($1), microwave bulb ($.50), two Ping golf clubs ($5), a set of metal files ($1), a vacuum brush ($1), a socket bar ($1) and a vintage Coke bottle ($1)

Yard Sale Freebies

At the end of the sale, vendors often leave boxes of merchandise by the trash cans that they don’t want to pack up. We took a quick peek and scored a piece of iron stone, a set of cut glass coasters and an old tin.

See What the World’s Longest Yard Sale is Like

Here’s a short video from our last trip.

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