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A Big Goal and a Big Sale

By Erin Huffstetler | 09/14/2017 | 4 Comments

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When I started this website five years ago, it was just me, a desk, a computer and a 100-square-foot office. As things got busier, my husband quit his job to come work with me. So, we added another desk and another computer to that 100-square foot office.

Then, we added a lighting studio to our dining room, so I could take better photos.

Before long we decided to develop our own product line and set up a shop on our website. In came all of the tools and supplies to make those products.

Then, our first product went viral, and we had to temporarily hire 13 relatives full-time to help us keep up with the orders. For three weeks, that meant having an extra 13 bodies in our house.

Soon after, we decided to give craft shows a try and started selling our products in stores. That meant lining our dining room with shelves to hold all of our craft supplies and inventory. It didn’t take long for those supplies to creep into other parts of our house – the living room, the basement, the garage and even the upstairs hallway.

Then, this summer, we decided to hire our first intern. That meant lots of new videos for the website, but it also meant squeezing in another person and a bunch of camera equipment.

And then, we started doing workshops.

Yep, we’re insane.

But even we can see that we’ve long outgrown our little home office. And we’ve been working towards a solution.

This week we signed a contract on a little cottage, and we couldn’t be more excited. But we’re a couple thousand dollars short of our savings goal, so we decided to hold our biggest shop sale ever. So, if you haven’t checked our shop out in a while, or you’ve never checked it out, go take a peek. I just added several new products this evening.

Through Sunday, you’ll get 25% off your entire order (no exclusions) with promo code BIGDREAMS.

If we meet our goal, you can be sure I’ll add an office tour to our home tour 🙂

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  1. 2 things, 1 while I LOVE your store, being that I JUST got rid of so much stuff in my house, I hate to buy any new, but because I find your information such a valuable resource, is there a way I could make a small donation? Also, in my quest to declutter, I realize that I have acquired WAY too much technology (2 iMacs…a 2008 and a 2015; 2 MacAirs, my sons a 2015 and 1 I bought when I was still in college a 2013; an iPad 3 (2012) that I bought my now deceased mother which is now never used; a 2014 iPod that I use the timer on to let the dog out and to stream music when I am cooking; my sons iPhone 6 (2014) and my iPhone SE (2016) and my old iPhone 4 (2010). Other than my sons devices, what of the others should I get rid of???? Also, I am no longer in school and do not need to transport a laptop, so not sure which computer to keep…please advise

    • Hi Rhonda, Thanks for offering to make a donation, but it’s absolutely not necessary. I’m just glad you enjoy the site, and keep coming back. As far as selling unneeded technology, I have three suggestions for you. First, I would check eBay to see how much your particular devices are going for. If it’s newer stuff, you’ll probably do best there. Aside from that, I would check sellcell.com. It’s a site that shows you how much different businesses are currently paying for cell phones and tablets. And I would also check Amazon. They have a really good buy back program. Hope that helps with your clean out efforts. It sounds like you’ve made a lot of progress. 🙂

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