Bill Pay Stickers

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Bill Pay Stickers

Have a hard time keeping up with all of those bill due dates? Order a set of my bill pay stickers, and use them to mark when bill are due in your planner or on your calendar.

Bill Pay Sticker Set

The set includes stickers for 38 common bills, plus blanks that you can customize. There are 12 of each sticker (567 stickers total), so one set is enough to get you through the year.

Bill Pay Stickers on Calendar

They’re available in my shop for $12, so that’s just $1 a month. If they help you avoid even one late fee, they’ll more than pay for themselves.

Printable Bill Pay Checklist

And if you haven’t already, be sure to print a copy of my bill pay checklist (it’s free). It’ll give you a place to check off your bills as you pay them.

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