Vintage Cast Iron Wall-Mount Sink

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By Erin Huffstetler | 10/25/2014 | 4 Comments

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We’ve been using our weekends to work on the cabin, so we haven’t really gotten to yard sale this month. No complaints, but after a while that gets a girl to jonesing. Happily we managed to squeeze in some yard saling yesterday and today. And I’m so glad we did because we found some great stuff for the cabin. Check it out:

We stopped at a downsizing sale this morning, and everything was overpriced. I didn’t let that turn me off though because I’ve learned that even the most overpriced sale will usually have a few bargains. You just have to find the stuff they don’t care about. I’m so glad we stuck it out because this gorgeous cast iron sink was sitting off by itself just waiting to be discovered.

I asked about it, and was told the previous owners had put it in the bathroom (finally, that item they didn’t care about). It had a $20 price tag, and we talked them down to $17. What a steal. It’s a vintage wall-mount sink, with it’s original mounting hardware and it’s been reporcelained. I plan to use it in the bathhouse.

Kitchen Cabinets

When I spotted a garage sale listing that mentioned kitchen cabinets, it went to the top of our must-go to list, and I’m glad it did. They had a bunch of cupboards and base cabinets that they’d pulled out of a rental. They were asking $100 for all of them (way more than I wanted to spend and more cabinets than we needed). We asked if they’d be willing to sell us one of the base cabinets and two of the double cupboard cabinets, and they agreed. We spent $30 for sturdy wood cabinets, and I plan to revive them with paint and a new countertop.

Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach makes a toaster oven with a regular toaster built into the top. It’s the stuff of genius, I tell ya. We bought a red one for $3 at a yard sale a few years back, and we use it every day. So, when my husband spotted a black one at a yard sale for $2, I knew we had found our cabin toaster. We may not have electricity yet, but we have our toaster. What can I say? Toasted bagels are a priority in our world.

Submersible Cordless Phone

Did you know they make submersible cordless phones? I just find that way cooler than I probably should. I spotted this one at a school orchestra fundraiser sale, and snapped it up for a mere 12.5 cents (it was on a two for $.25 table). It should be the perfect cabin phone. We can take it outside without worrying about what happens to it, and the bright yellow color should make it really easy to find.

Flannel Sheets

That sale also yielded two sets of twin flannel sheets, at $.50 each …

Vintage Boiled Wool Blanket

a vintage boiled wool blanket for $.50 …

Chenille Bed Spread

a vintage chenille bedspread for $.50 (I’m thinking about using a couple of these to make curtains for the cabin) …

Swing-A-Way Can Opener

a Swing-A-Way can opener for $.25 (my favorite can opener) …

Fold-Up Camp Stool

a fold-up camp stool for $.50 …

Coleman Cooler

and a Coleman cooler for $2.

Can you imagine what all of this stuff would have cost retail? It’s amazing what becomes affordable when you yard sale.

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  1. Wow, Erin, you did very well with the yard sale finds. That weekend cabin of yours is going to be very well stocked shortly.

  2. I am really enjoying your camp articles. I look forward to seeing what you do each week. Thank you for sharing.

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