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Cabin: Winter Update

By Erin Huffstetler | 02/01/2016 | 1 Comment

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It’s been a while since I’ve given you an update on our cabin, so let me take you through what we’ve done this winter.

Remember this vintage kitchen cabinet that we rescued from a curb pile?

Bad Countertop

It’s top had seen better days, but overall, it was a great piece. Nothing a little TLC couldn’t fix.

Kitchen Cabinet with New Top

Well, we spotted an old enamel countertop in one of our neighbor’s curb piles, and it looked like it would fit our cabinet, so we scooped it up. Turns out we were right. It has one small chip on the front edge, but otherwise it’s in perfect condition. I bought paint for the cabinets last year, so I hope to get them painted as soon as we have a nice day.

Farm Table with Red Chairs

And our kitchen table has finally come together, too. You may remember, it was also a curb find. Back in the fall we did some work on the legs, and gave the base a fresh coat of paint. Then, we found four chairs for it in a thrift store.

Well, my mother-in-law had two chairs that were very similar to the ones we bought, and she was planning to sell them in her yard sale. So, we scooped those up too, and now we have six chairs.

Overhead View of Table

The ones we got from her are red. I’m not sure if we’ll keep them that way or not, but for now, I’m just happy to have a complete kitchen table set.


And we even have coasters for the table now. The slate chicken coasters came from a thrift store, and I made the blue tile coasters by sticking feet on the back of some Mexican tiles that I’d been saving for the right project. I found them at a yard sale more than a decade ago.

Green Shelf in Kitchen

Here’s that green shelf that my husband rescued from a curb pile back in January. You can’t tell because of the dark lighting in the photo, but it’s almost an exact match for the cheery green that we painted the cabin floor. I plan to use it to store my spices and mixes, and I’ve already started moving some in.

Kitchen Woodstove

And we now have a woodstove in the kitchen, too. It’s a mini version of the one that we have in the living room. We won’t be able to insulate the cabin until we deal with the roof, so a second woodstove really makes a big difference.

Kitchen Woodstove Side View

It’s also really handy to have a woodstove in the kitchen for cooking. We almost always have a pot of cider going.

So, aside from the woodstove, we’ve really just been working on projects that don’t cost us anything. We’ve gotten more siding up. We rescued another door for my top-secret project, and we cashed in some Sears/Kmart rewards points to get free pillows for the cabin. For the past year and a half, we’d been hauling pillows back and forth, so even that seemed like a big improvement.

I’m eager to get a new roof on the cabin and to tackle the wiring, but until we have the money for that, we’re still finding ways to make progress.

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