Campfire Chocolate Éclairs

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Campfire Eclairs

We’ve almost owned our cabin for four years now, so I’d say it’s high time I shared some of our family campfire recipes with you. These campfire chocolate éclairs are the perfect recipe to start with. I’ve been making these since I was a Girl Scout. They are sooo good. And you know what? They really aren’t much more work than s’mores.

Just lay out the supplies on a picnic table, do a quick demo, and set everyone loose to make their own. Kids won’t have any trouble making these themselves.

I recommend buying one can of crescent dough for every four people. This will allow each camper to have two eclairs. It doesn’t hurt to have a back up can for campfire oopses.

If you’re making these with a bigger group, just add an extra can of crescent rolls for every four people. The pudding and frosting should stretch to at least 16 éclairs.

Ready to see how these are made? Here’s the recipe.

Campfire Eclairs Ingredients and Supplies

What You’ll Need:

1 can crescent roll dough
1 package instant vanilla pudding
1 tub chocolate frosting (or this homemade chocolate frosting)

You’ll Also Need:

Cooking spray
Aluminum foil

What You Do:

Cover Stick With Foil and Spray With Cooking Spray

Find a stick with a one-inch diameter (approx.), and cover the end with aluminum foil. A wooden dowel or broom stick will also do the trick. Coat the foil liberally with cooking spray, so your eclairs won’t stick.

Wrap a Crescent Around the End of the Stick

Then, wrap a crescent roll around the stick, and squeeze the top end shut. This will help to hold the filling in later.

Cook Eclair Shells Over Campfire

Cook your éclair shell over the campfire, until it’s golden brown. To avoid burned spots, keep it rotating the entire time, and be careful not to hold it too close to the fire.

Cooked Eclair Shell

When your shell is done, allow it to cool a bit. Then, carefully slide it off the stick. The center of the shell may still seem a bit doughy. That’s perfectly fine. It’ll continue to cook as it cools.

Closeup of Eclair Shells

Here are a bunch of eclair shells ready for their filling.

Fill Eclairs With Vanilla Pudding

Use the vanilla pudding mix and milk to whip up a batch of vanilla pudding (I usually do this in advance). Then, use it to fill the éclair shells. This time, we scooped the pudding into the shells with a spoon. But a far neater approach is to make your pudding in a freezer bag. Then, snip off one of the corners, so you can pipe the pudding into the shells.

Frosted Campfire Eclairs

Once you’ve filled your éclair, just ice the top with chocolate frosting, and scarf it down as fast as you can, so you can get back in line for a stick. Because believe me, you’re going to want a second one.

Making This Recipe Over Your Backyard Fire Pit?

Whip up a batch of my homemade vanilla pudding for the filling, before you head out for a night of fun.

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Campfire Eclairs

Campfire Chocolate Éclairs

These campfire chocolate éclairs aren’t much more work than s’mores, but they’re a lot more fun, and they’re easy enough for kids to make.

  • Total Time: 9 minutes
  • Yield: 8 chocolate éclairs 1x



1 can crescent roll dough
1 package instant vanilla pudding
1 tub chocolate frosting (or this homemade chocolate frosting)


Cover the end of a one-inch diameter stick or wooden dowel with aluminum foil, and coat with cooking spray.

Wrap a crescent roll, around the foil. Squeeze the top end of the roll shut, so it’ll hold fillings in later.

Cook your crescent roll over the campfire. Keep it rotating and away from the flames, so it doesn’t burn.

Use the milk and pudding mix to make a batch of vanilla pudding. Then, use it to fill the center of your éclair.

Finish by icing the top with chocolate frosting. Then, scarf your éclair, and make another.


One can of crescent dough makes eight campfire éclairs, or enough for four campers to have two éclairs each. Add another can of crescent dough for every four campers.

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  1. These sound amazing! Going to have to try them soon! About time for a cabin tour update, don’t you think? (hee hee) I’m always anxiously awaiting new photos of everything you guys have done!

  2. Wow, sounds good. I posted a link on my FB page… to help me remember and because we are planning another church “camp-out” next month and it would be a good thing to teach the kids. Now I’m wondering if I can roast a few test eclairs over a small burner on my gas stove… I’ve done it with hot dogs, why not a crescent roll? Wouldn’t you know it, I have all the ingredients except the stick! LOL, I am resisting because it’s nearly 4am and I’m sure I’m just being goofy.

    We usually take a package of instant pudding with us when we go camping – my mom started me on that. It is an easy way to use up the last few cups of a gallon of milk after the ice in the ice chest has melted. Or, it makes a picnic lunch less depressing at a rest area where your car is overheated. On the plus side, if you don’t need it for any of those things, you can easily put it back in your cupboard as you unpack your camping gear.

    1. You could definitely do these over a stove burner. I’ve done them in the oven before, too. I just balled up some aluminum foil to create a cylinder to wrap the crescents around. I don’t remember how long I baked them for, but it’s probably close to the time on the crescent roll tube.

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