Chickens – 3 Months Old

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Chickens - 3 Months Old

I haven’t shared any pictures of our chickens since they were a month old, so I thought I’d snap a few today. They’re now 3.5 months old, and as mischievous as ever. I’ve had to take several breaks from writing this to steer them away from my pumpkin and tomato vines – apparently they’re today’s special. Usually they’re content to munch on my weeds, but you do have to keep an eye on them.

When I let them out this afternoon, a bath was their first order of business. If you’ve never seen a chicken bath before, it’s funny stuff, and involves lots and lots of dirt. Here’s how it works:

1. Take one clean looking bird.

Chicken Dust Bathing

2. Roll her around in some dirt until she looks absolutely filthy.

Chicken Dust Bath

3. Then, shake out all that dirt, and send her off to eat something she shouldn’t.

Chickens Foraging

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    1. Thanks, Sylvia. They are (or will be) laying hens, as you guessed. We expect them to start laying sometime in September or October. I can hardly wait!

  1. Very cute… what breed are they? I started raising chickens this year and ours are about 5 1/2 months old now… just starting to lay eggs. They have made a dirt dugout behind their roost where they take their baths. I didn’t know that’s actually what they were doing. I just thought they were “dirty birds”! But it makes sense… thanks for the info!

    1. Hey, Megan. Ours girls are Buff Orpingtons. And yep, they really are taking a bath when they do that, as crazy as that seems. The dirt removes excess oil from their feathers, and it helps them to keep the bugs off, too. You’ll also see them dust bathing on hot days because it helps to cool them off. No matter how many times I see them do it, it still cracks me up 🙂

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