Christmas Under $100 2019

Christmas Under $100: 2019

By Erin Huffstetler | 11/25/2019 | 8 Comments

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Every year I strive to keep my Christmas gift spending to $100 or less, and so far, I’ve never come in over budget. Last year, I spent $67.39, which included gifts for my extended family, friends, kids’ friends and our mailman.

Want to see what I’ve gotten so far this year? Here’s a peek at what I’ve tucked away for my kids.

Free Samples for Advent Calendar

Hot Cocoa, Lotion and a Reusable Straw

Last year’s advent calendar was a huge hit, so I’m doing one again this year. I’ve been requesting free samples to fill the pockets. Everything you see here was a freebie. I’ve gotten face masks, lotions, leave-in conditioner packets and flavored teas. That little black container is a reusable straw that we picked up for free at a fall festival.

Gifts for Advent Calendar

I’ve also purchased a few things for their advent calendar, including this 12-pack of Star Wars socks ($1.50 during Target’s 90% off after-Christmas clearance ), a Yes to Tomatoes charcoal mud mask ($.25 at a yard sale) and two Christmas shrink art kits (purchased for $.24 each during a thrift store half-off sale).

Advent Calendar Gifts Part 1

Here’s how I divided everything up between the pockets on their advent calendar.

Advent Calendar Gifts Part 2

I use an advent calendar that I created out of a shoe organizer. It’s a lot roomier than most advent calendars, so it gives me a little more wiggle room in terms of what I can include as gifts. If you want to set up something similar, here are the printable cards that I created for the pockets.

Fleece Pajama Sets

I bought their Christmas pajamas during the going-out-of-business sale at our local Sears. I used rewards to pay for them, so they were free.

For my oldest daughter’s stocking I’ve gotten …

Starbucks Hot Cocoa

two packages of Starbucks hot cocoa mix …

Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa Mix

and one package of Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix. These all came from yard sale free boxes.

Kid 1 Stocking Stuffers

I also got her two Shea Moisture mud masks (free after a Target gift card offer), two chenille crocheted scrunchies ($1 each at a craft show), plus a reusable straw and several Smokey Bear goodies (all free at craft shows).

Candy for Stocking

I picked up these chocolate coins and an M&M ornament at CVS during last year’s after-Christmas clearance. I used ExtraBucks to pay for them, so they were free.

Art Bin

She’ll be starting college next fall, so most of her gifts are either art supplies for school, or things for her dorm room. So far, that includes this art bin, that I purchased at a yard sale for $5 …

Art Kit

this drawing and painting kit ($4.50 at a thrift store) …

Hardbound Sketchbook

this hard-bound sketch book ($1.99 at a thrift store) …

Rainbow Gel Pens

these rainbow gel pens (on clearance at Staples, and paid for with rewards) …

Erasable Pens and Planner

these erasable pens and this weekly calendar (purchased for $1 each at the TN Valley Fair) …

Textured Paint Rollers

these textured paint rollers for $1 each at Dollar Tree (she likes to incorporate lots of texture in her art) …

Felt Board Letters

these letters for her felt board ($1 from the Target Dollar Spot) …

Cactus Wall Decals

these cactus wall decals from Dollar Tree …

Fake Cacti

these fake cacti (which we got free at a craft show) …

Cactus Cup

and this cactus cup from Dollar Tree. I figure it’ll make a cute pencil cup for her desk.

LED Desk Lamp

This new-in-the-box LED desk lamp came from a church rummage sale for $1.

Glass Food Storage Containers

And I picked up these food storage containers from Kmart for $3.34, after rewards. I thought we were done with Shop Your Way Rewards, since our local Sears and Kmart closed earlier this year, but apparently I was wrong. Aaron needed a floor jack that was big enough to lift our craft show van, and Sears had a $100 cash back offer on the jack he needed, so I’ve been spending the rewards on gifts, as they hit our account. This is perfect, since our oldest daughter needs stuff to outfit her dorm room.

Eddie Bauer Wallet on a String

I found This Eddie Bauer wallet on a string for $.50 at a yard sale. It’ll be perfect for carrying her driver’s license, school ID and a little cash around campus.

TN Proud Shirt

And I know she’s going to love this TN Proud t-shirt, that I picked up at a craft show for $5.

Bento Box

This banana bento box was another Sears storing-closing score. I paid for it with rewards.

Black Sports Bra

Ditto for this black sports bra.

Photo Album

Oh, and I’m also going to give her this little photo album. You may remember it from last year, I ended up putting it back in my gift closet to keep their gift count even.

Crocheted Hats

A crafter gifted us these two crocheted hats, so we’re going to give the girls each one for Christmas.

I still have a few things that I plan to order for my oldest daughter with my Shop Your Way Rewards, so I’ll share those as they come in.

Now, let me show you what I’ve gotten my youngest daughter.

Her stocking stuffers include …

Candy Stocking Stuffers

chocolate coins and an M&M ornament from CVS (free after clearance and rewards), a Smash Book bookmark ($.25 at a thrift store) …

Kid 2's Stocking Stuffers

two Shea Moisture mud masks (free after a Target gift card deal), two crocheted chenille scrunchies ($1 each at a craft show), a reusable drinking straw and a bunch of Smokey Bear stuff (all craft show swag).

Essie Nail Polish

I also got her this bottle of Essie nail polish, which was a full-size freebie that I requested online.

Strawberry Bento Box

She’s been with me on most of my shopping expeditions, so I don’t have many gifts for her yet, but so far, I’ve gotten her this Strawberry bento box (free at Sears) …

TN Smoky Shirt

this TN shirt ($5 at a craft show) …

North Face Scarf

this North Face scarf ($.50 at a yard sale) …

Gray Tank Top

this gray tank top (free at Sears) …

Black Sports Bra

and this black sports bra (another Sears freebie).

Pink Felt Board Letters

These pink felt board letters came from a discount booth at the TN Valley Fair. I paid $1 for them.

Crocheted Hats

She’ll also be getting one of these crocheted hats (free).

Artist's Canvases

And I scored a bunch of canvases at a yard sale for $3, which I plan to divide between them.

I have several gifts in the works for my husband, but so far, the only one I have ready to share are these Fila socks.

Fila Socks

I bought them at Finish Line with birthday rewards, so they were completely free!

Turning to our extended family …

Kid's Body Wash and Bath Bombs

My youngest niece will be receiving these fancy body washes ($.49 each) and Hello Kitty bath bombs ($.39) that we picked up last year during the 90% off after-Christmas clearance at Target.

Niece and Nephew Gift

My other four nieces and nephews (all part of the same family) will be receiving this Santa is Coming to Florida book ($.50 at a yard sale), and this teepee (given to use when we helped clean out someone’s basement). I wish I had a picture of the teepee for you (it’s super cute when it’s set up), but I didn’t have the energy to put it together again.

Soup Bowl Cozies and a Candle

My mom will be receiving a set of soup bowl cozies that I made, as well as a Yankee Candle (that was given to us).

Covered Bridges Book and Hand Warmers

My dad will be receiving a covered bridges book ($.50 from a yard sale) and a set of microwaveable hand warmers that I made for him. My mom and dad like to travel around to covered bridges, so the book should be right up his alley.

So far that brings my total to $46.68. That includes everything, except for the supplies that I used to make the soup bowl cozies and hand warmers. I’ll crunch those numbers and add them soon.

As always, I’ll keep updating you throughout the season, so you can see how everything comes together. I scored lots of awesome friends and family gifts during the 90% off after-holiday clearance sales last year, and I’ll be sharing those soon.

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  1. Very Cool. The killer for us is postage, as our kids are cross country. However, discounted postage can be had on eBay…… was able to get flat rate postage stamps for 64 percent face value. Every bit helps.

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