Cloth Napkins

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Cloth Napkins

A few years ago I decided I was done with paper napkins. Done with buying them, and done with using them. I started picking up cloth napkins at yard sales and thrift stores, and soon had more than enough. Here’s what I’ve discovered since making the switch:

  • Cloth napkins are really cheap and easy to come by on the second-hand market
  • It doesn’t make any real difference in the amount of laundry that we’re doing
  • The kids don’t mind folding them, and if they do it while they’re hot, the napkins come out relatively wrinkle-free (ironing = not my thing)
  • We use less napkins. One cloth napkin takes the place of several paper napkins because they’re bigger and more absorbent
  • Cloth napkins are just nicer. They make everyday meals seem special
  • It gives me the perfect excuse to buy lots of vintage linens 🙂

Do you use cloth napkins in your home? Have you thought about making the switch? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. This is something I should do too. We’re at a point where we hardly use any paper towels but when we need a napkin that is what we grab. They should be pretty easy to make too, especially since they don’t require much fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

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