College Move-Out Haul

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College Finds

Living in a college town has its perks – especially at move out time. It’s amazing to see how much stuff gets left behind each year. The dumpsters quickly fill up; and then all the excess just gets piled up beside them. So, you don’t even have to reach into a dumpster to find good, usable stuff.

Here’s a break down of what we rescued this year:

  • (2) mini fridges (pretty awesome because our drink fridge died a few months ago)
  • A set of storage drawers (I plan to use them to organize my party supplies)
  • (2) binders (tucked away for next school year)
  • Pink duct tape and scrapbook paper (added to the kids’ art supplies)
  • A pair of Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses (my youngest daughter claimed them)
  • A Rubbermaid dish drainer
  • (2) Caddies (we’ll use them to hold art supplies)
  • (3) Ice cube trays (found inside the refrigerators)
  • A magnetic pencil pouch (perfect as a locker accessory)
  • A box of lime green thumb tacks

What do you think of our haul? Would you have rescued these things?

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  1. Great haul! My daughter graduated from college this year, so unfortunately I won’t have the opportunity next year to take advantage of “rescuing” great finds from students any more. Since neither my husband or daughter are on board with this practice, it’s difficult. Also, the school quickly picks up left overs, as well as organizes a room where students can donate bigger items which the school then resells. It’s hard for students to keep such things when they live out-of-state or country.

    However, in the last couple of years I have rescued:

    ~ 2 nice plants with planters
    ~ 1 new “Swiffer”
    ~ 2 brand new pkgs. of 200-count, ruled filler paper
    ~ 1 pkg. of new chenille, craft pipe cleaners (I’ll use these to ~ tie up tomato plants).
    ~ 1 beautiful burnished bronze bathroom waste basket
    ~ several flower vases
    ~ Bathroom sprays, kitchen cleaners, etc.
    ~ Bathroom caddy (I used to organize undercounter bathroom cleaners)


    1. It sounds like you’ve done really well, Sylvia. For the past few years one of the school organizations has hosted a yard sale a few weeks before school lets out to sell anything that the students don’t plan to take home. That’s cut down on the trash some, but there’s still lots of stuff to rescue.

      Maybe you just need to be an alumni parent volunteer during move-out week 🙂

  2. Lucky you! I would definitely have rescued those items.
    I understand that some colleges are organizing end-of-the-year yard sales to keep this from happening. Hope the trend catches on everywhere but YOUR town. 😉

  3. I always forage on college move out weekend. I stock up on laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies. My goal is to find enough of these to last all year until the next move out…..haven’t done it yet, maybe next year! The international student’s dorms are particular gold mines as they can’t take back much on the plane. Also, sadly, the girls from India and the Middle East are not allowed to wear the “western” clothes, so a lot of lovely items are left behind due to their gender constrictions. Extra paper, pens, school supplies are left at the local schools. Towels and wash clothes and bleach are donated to the local Humane Society. Books are donated to the local library. It’s just a win win situation for the whole community.

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