No-Plan Grocery Shopping

No-Plan Grocery Shopping

By Erin Huffstetler | 09/06/2013 | No Comments
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Saving big at the grocery store doesn’t have to take a ton of time and strategy. This week I was too busy to coupon, and I never even got around to looking at the weekly sales ad. But I still saved a ton at the store. Take a look:

When I pulled up to the reduced-price rack this week, I knew I had really hit the mother lode. They had just finished re-planograming the natural foods sections, so there were all sorts of goodies (and none of them were anywhere near their expiration date). My first find was all of this Cascadian Farm cereal. It was marked down to $1.79 a box, and several of the boxes had $1 off two peelies attached to them. Heck ya! 24 boxes went into the cart, and I sent my husband off to grab a second cart (it pays to shop as a family).

Kind Granola Bars

These Kind granola bars went into my cart next. They had been marked down from $2.99 to $1.49. I don’t buy granola bars very often, but when I find them cheap enough, they’re nice to have for those oops-we-overslept mornings.

Simple Truth Tortilla Chips

Next up on my reduced-price shopping spree? Three bags of organic tortilla chips at $1.19 each. Looks like I’ll be pulling some homemade salsa and corn relish out of the freezer soon.

Reduced Groceries

I was running low on oatmeal after making some oatmeal raisin cookies last weekend, so I was thrilled when I spotted this giant container of oatmeal on the rack. It had a dented top (no biggie in my world), so it was marked down to $1.79. Organic mustard for $.89 was another good stockpile score, and the kids were psyched when they uncovered the tortilla bowls. We just tried these for a BzzCampaign, and everyone loved them.

Dish Soap

Seventh generation dish soap for $.99 a bottle? I won’t even tell you how giddy that made me. Kinda silly since I’m not even the one who does the dishes.

Reduced Price Groceries

Our Kroger has a reduced price rack in the produce department, too. Some weeks it’s piled high with fruits and veggies; other weeks it’s nearly empty. This week it just had bananas, but they were in fantastic shape. Two bunches of bananas at $.39/lb made their way into our cart.

Skim Milk

We recently gained a reduced-price cooler in the dairy section, and we almost always find things we need there. Last week it was a pound of fresh mozzarella for $1.69. This week it was a gallon of milk for $2.19. Dairy prices are heavily regulated in our state (read: overpriced), so anything we can do to save in this area is great.

Cranberry Juice

Kroger was running a buy-five-save-$5 Mega Event this week, and I found several items that were at or below my stock up price. Cranberry juice was $1.88 a bottle ($2 is my buy price).

Skippy Peanut Butter

Skippy peanut butter was $1.99 a jar ($2.19 is my buy price).

Sale Cereal

Quaker cereal was $1.49 a box ($2 is my buy price).

The Mega Event will be going on next week too, so when I have more time, I’ll go over the list of included items to see if there’s anything else that I should stock up on. If I end up going back, I’ll bring my coupons, but I think I did just fine without them this week. Don’t you?

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