Couponing at Dollar Tree

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I headed into Dollar Tree this morning with a fistful of coupons, and I came out with some killer deals. Did you know they accept coupons? Yep, they sure do. And that’s great news with all the name brand products that they stock these days. Here’s what I scored:

Jennie-O bacon for $.45 a pack, after a $.55 coupon (no longer available) …

Super Pretzel Poppers

and Super Pretzel Poppers for $.50 a bag, after a $1-off-2 Redplum coupon (1/25 RP)

Pretty amazing deals don’t you think?

Cobblestone Buns

I was hoping to snag some more $.45 Cobblestone buns (using a coupon that a reader tipped me off to), but they were out today. I’ll just tuck those coupons away for my next trip.

Want to snag deals like these?

The Krazy Coupon Lady does a weekly Dollar Tree coupon match-up.

I’d also recommend printing a copy of Dollar Tree’s coupon policy, so you’re familiar with the rules.

A Couple Things to Note:

  • Some products sell out quickly, but they get restocked regularly. They were out of bacon on my last couple trips, so I just held on to my coupons until they had more
  • Don’t be surprised if you have a coupon that doesn’t work from time to time. I tried to use a Snyder’s Pretzel coupon today, but the register wouldn’t take it. Sometimes manufacturers make smaller versions of a product for Dollar Tree, and their barcode just isn’t included in the coupon (even if there are no size restrictions listed). You may get a cashier that’s willing to manually enter it for you, but a buck is already a great deal, so I’d just let it go otherwise. If you’re going to be shopping week after week, I think it’s more important to develop a good relationship with the cashier.That’ll save you more in the long run

Are you a Dollar Tree couponer? I’d love to hear what items you’ve been snagging for free or cheap.

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  1. Last week I got 4 packs of Lance snack crackers for free with insert $1/1 Q which I believe was from 1/11. I fund I had 2 more and a printable so I will get 3 more free tomorrow when I go to get my newspapers. I also got 2 bottles of Palmolive dish liquid for 50¢ each with $1/2Q that expires tomorrow.

    I’ll have to look for the pretzel poppers tomorrow.

  2. I never even thought of using coupons at the dollar tree. I will definitely be scouring the coupons from now on to use when I visit again. Last trip I checked out the frozen section & was amazed at all the brands they have to offer. I stocked up on the frozen fruit & sweet potato curly Q fries they had. I can’t believe the price compared to what I was paying for similar pkg. elsewhere. I enjoy reading your blog & it has been a blessing to me & my family.

  3. I don’t get to Dollar Tree very often but I stock up when I get the chance. I always buy their frozen fruit for smoothies (mango, pineapple, peaches, and berries). I found the SuperPretzel bites and had 2 x $0.50 coupons (cheap movie night snacks!) and the sweet potato curly fries. You just can’t beat the prices!!!

  4. I really don’t know where the dollar tree store is around here. we have dollar store, and a couple other dollar something or other around here but seen your store. help please.
    I just found your sight a little while ago and really enjoy it. thank you.

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