Curb Find: Farm Table

Curb Find Farm Table: Before and After

By Erin Huffstetler | 10/08/2015 | 5 Comments

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Remember this farm table that my husband and I rescued from a neighbor’s curb pile a couple years ago? It had definitely seen better days. The table top was covered in tar paper; the legs on one end of the table were shorter than the ones on the other end; and a wood block had been added to one corner, presumably so a meat grinder, vice grip or something similar could be attached to the table.

Well, we finally gave it a makeover this week. We’ve been using it in our cabin for the past year, wonky legs and all, so it was well past time.

To address the leg issues, we cut the two taller legs down to the same size as the shorter legs. That was an improvement, but it left us with a child-sized table.

Porch Post

So, we cut leg extensions out of a porch post that we’d rescued from another curb pile, and screwed them to the bottom of the legs. And viola! a kitchen table with a modern 30-inch height. Big improvement.

Table Leg Extensions

Now, I know this next part is going to make a lot of you cringe, but I decided to paint the base of the table. Normally I don’t mess with antiques, but I wanted to hide the new leg extensions, and well, the base of the table was pretty ugly in it’s current state. It deserved better.

So, I picked up a gallon of paint from Sherwin Williams, and got to it. (If a gallon sounds like a lot for this project, you’re right. I also used it to tackle another curb find makeover this week. More on that soon).

Table Leg Painted

Here’s your first peek at the color I chose. Once the legs were painted, you couldn’t even tell we’d added on to them. Everything below the three rings is new.

Farm Table After

And here’s a look at the finished product. Totally. different. table. Don’t you think? The color is called Sky Fall (SW 9049), and it’s as close to a true sky blue as you can get.

Farm Table Closeup

We wanted to leave the table top in as close to original condition as possible, so we just removed the tar paper and the random wood block. I’ll probably wax it to protect the surface.

Farm Table in Cabin Kitchen

And here’s the table back in our cabin kitchen-in-progress. Those are the chairs that I found at a Habitat store for $10 a piece.

Our house is done in earth tones (I’ll have to put together a home tour soon), so I plan to make the cabin colorful. The lighting isn’t great in this picture, but the sky blue table contrasts nicely with the green that I choose for the floor.

Wildflower Arrangement

We were so excited about the improvement, we went out and picked our first wildflower arrangement.

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  1. What a difference! Absolutely love your amazing finds and transformations! Wish I was that creative 🙂 look forward to the house tour and all the great finds inside!

  2. Well, i love recycling curb finds. Especially furniture. But with your tabletop as it is. It might be better used it as a garden potting table. Rather than in your kitchen. I strongly suggest sanding that top down good. Then stain and shellac it well. As is, i see your family getting tons of splinters in there fingers.

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