Curb Finds = Goal Progress

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Curb Find on Top of Car

My family curb shops because it’s fun, but we also do it because it allows us to work towards goals without spending any money. Over the past month, we’ve picked up several things for our new office garden and for our cabin. Here’s a peek at our latest curb finds.

Wicker Chair and Table

We spotted this wicker chair and end table in a curb pile on the way to school pick up. It’s made of that plastic wicker stuff, which is what we use up at the cabin. The field mice and birds pick the real stuff to pieces.

Iron Bed

This reproduction iron bed (which is actually made of steel) will be used to make another raised bed for my cabin garden, just like the one we made for my herbs.

Wall Fountain

Can you believe this wall fountain was in a curb pile? It has a crack on the front, which someone repaired. I’ve verified that it holds water, so if we get a pump for it, it should work. It’s currently placed on the back wall of our office, but we may move it to another spot.

Picnic Table

We spotted this picnic table in a curb pile last Friday when we were out yard saling, and had to call in a favor to get it home. It’s in excellent shape, and will be going to our cabin. This is the second picnic table that we’ve curb shopped for the cabin. I think we’ll probably put it down by the pond.

Landscape Edging

My mother-in-law gave us some landscaping edging for our new holly bed, but it was only enough to edge one side. I figured we’d have to buy a few pieces of edging for the other side, but we happened upon some in a curb pile. Score! Now we just need to find the time to finish installing it.

Curb Find on Top of Car

We were planning to head to Home Depot or Lowes Friday for some drainage pipe to address a gutter issue at the office, but then we found that in a curb pile, too. Not having a truck to haul home the 70+ feet of pipe, we decided to use our car top carrier like a hose reel. It may have gotten a few looks on the way home, but it got the job done.

Had any good curb finds lately? I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Erin,
    I’ve been a “curbie” shopper my whole life. Looking around my house, yard, gardens, barn, greenhouse, chicken coop/ run, and honeybee “sugar shack” I have “Finds” in every part of my life. I also rescue (“Curbied” ) good items that we can use to resell at our annual street yard sale. All of this effort has saved us thousands over the years.
    Over the years I have Curbied: furniture (vintage, antique, and contemporary); lamps; rugs; kitchen appliances; kitchen items; Tupperware; Pyrex; cast iron; household items; décor pieces; frames; mirrors; canning jars; stained glass; toys; bicycles; sleds; 2 car top carriers; outdoor furniture; garden items; bird baths; garden tools; plants; mulch; planters; bird feeders; bird houses; bat houses; power tools; ladders; building materials; water skis; shelving; animal cages; storage cabinets; recyclable material we sold to the recycling center; and I’ve found several change jars with the money still in them that has added up to almost $50.

    I get many compliments on my home and furnishings and on our landscaping and the way we use our 3 acres. I appreciate the savings these curbie items have in my life and how they have given me the savings to complete projects that would still be waiting to have the monies needed to complete them.
    Certain items that I know can be used right away I donate to our local charitable organizations when I see them. These have included a wheelchair, animal items for rescues, baby cribs, and children’s sporting goods for a handicapped league.I

    I personally consider “curbies” a great form of recycling!!!

  2. Great finds! It’s slim pickings in my area for curb finds, but we have scored a great sleep sofa (just put out), clay pots and tomato cages and many other items over the years.

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