Curb Finds: Windows, a Door and More

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Casement Windows

Get ready for some more progress at the cabin. This week yielded some pretty sweet curb treasure.

My husband spotted these two basement windows (turned sideways in the picture above) while he was taking the kids to school. I’m thinking they’ll work well in the bath house, if we position them at the top of the wall. They even had their screens with them. Score!

Screen Door

Then, we snagged this screen door while we were out on a walk. One small section of screen needs to be replaced, but otherwise it’s in great shape. We’re hoping this will fit the front door of the cabin.


And we just hauled home this 16-foot gate yesterday. My in-laws saw their neighbor throwing it out, and knew we needed one for the cabin, so they drug it to their house. We plan to put it across the bottom of the driveway. A gate this size usually sells for $150. Now, we just have to buy the posts and hardware to mount it. My father-in-law even offered to help us dig the holes. How can you beat a deal like that?

Expect some cabin updates soon. We have several projects in the works, and I’m eager to share them with you. It feels good to be making some headway on the cabin again.

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  1. Looks like your getting ready for another yard sale with the blue tarp in backyard? Hee Hee
    Wish I was as lucky finding great curb finds like you do!

      1. That’s awesome! Do you ever end up selling any of your curb finds? I have found some items and am thrilled when I am able to make some quick cash off of Craigslist with them! (It also helps having a garbage man for a husband, he comes across good finds every now and then) πŸ™‚ Do you have a big goal that your planning with the proceeds of the sale? I know last time was to help send your daughter to a camp, just curious if there’s something planned or just eliminating extra stuff!

        1. Yep, we sell our curb finds from time to time. I currently have a 50-inch plasma TV waiting to go into our next yard sale. One of our neighbor’s hauled it out to the curb. She was taping a free sign to it when we drove by. We stopped and asked about it. She said it worked, she’d just gotten a new TV for whatever reason. We keep a record of the curb finds that we’ve sold, so we remember to claim them at tax time.

          And yes, we almost always have a savings goal attached to our yard sales. This time it’s a doozy. It’ll be at least another five or six months before we know if everything is going to work out. But if it does, I’ll have interesting news to share πŸ™‚

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