Curb Mart Comes Through Again

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Curb Shopped Doors

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so we took a break and went curb shopping. I’m so glad we did because we soon spotted these doors in a curb pile. Score! I’m going to need lots of doors for a project that I have planned for the cabin, so this will definitely help my cause. I’m up to at least six now.

Have you rescued anything good from a curb pile lately? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Last week I came across a 4 piece outdoor wicker set (it is made of the heavy duty plastic style wicker). It was a loveseat, 2 chairs and a coffee table with the glass top. The set is in very good condition but needs a good paint job. I just saw the same set in major retailer for $200.

  2. Our recycle and trash pickup is Friday morning and it was 16 degrees last night so no curb shopping for me! I have a adorable Pottery Barn Kids stool in my pantry that I rescued, a bird feeder hanging outside and a door mat that I rescued out of a neighbor’s recycle bin. When I got it home the only thing I could see that was “wrong” with the mat was the Welcome had faded on the jute inset. I had been putting off purchasing a much needed mat for our side door so I was happy to give it a new home!

    1. Yep, we live in a city with trash pick up (it’s included in our taxes). They pick up regular trash once a week and large trash once a month. We’ve memorized the large trash pick up schedule, so we know which neighborhoods to check each week. It’s amazing how many things get rescued before going to the dump. There are actually quite a few people who make their living selling scrap metal from curb piles.

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