Curbshopped Benches

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Curbshopped Benches

Many of the items in our garden are curb pile rescues, including both of our benches.

My husband found this bench laying beside a dumpster. It was in pieces when he brought it home because the manufacturer had used wimpy hardware to assemble it. We spent a few bucks on carriage bolts, and now it’s better than ever. It sits underneath a large hemlock tree, and is a nice spot to sit and read.

Metal Bench

This metal bench came from a curb pile at our kids’ school. They bought new plastic benches for the playground, and ditched their old benches. I gave it a fresh coat of paint, and placed it in our side yard overlooking our raised beds. Doesn’t it look like it belongs in Central Park?

Incidentally: The new plastic benches that the school bought are already broken, but my rescued bench is still in great shape.

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