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Dibble Planting Guide

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Dibble Planting Guide

If I haven’t convinced you of your need for a dibble, I’m back to try again. This is what your typical dibble looks like:

It’s just a simple tool used to make holes in the ground for your plants or seeds to go into. Often, they have measurements on the side, to make it easy for you to get the planting depth right.

It’s a handy tool, but it only makes one hole at a time. Something that made multiple holes would clearly be better. And that’s why I had my husband build this dibble:


It makes nine holes at a time. And because we made it 12-inches square, it knocks out a full foot of garden space each time you press it into the ground. This is the one that I use to plant my onion sets and garlic, and it really speeds up the planting process.

Now, obviously different plants have different spacing requirements, so this dibble won’t work for everything. But here’s the cool thing: If you make a 4-hole, 9-hole and 16-hole dibble, you’ll pretty much cover all your bases. Here’s how we built ours.

So how do you know which dibble to grab when you have something to plant? You refer to my handy dibble planting guide, of course.

Printable Dibble Planting Guide

Just print a copy, and tuck it in your garden planner for easy reference.

Print Dibble Planting Guide

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