Sock Box

Do You Have a Sock Box?

By Erin Huffstetler | 01/10/2013 | No Comments

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Socks – they should go from your feet to the wash and back into your drawer again, but so many seem to go missing along the way – shoved under beds, left inside shoes, separated into different wash loads – there’s just no reigning those socks in, so don’t even try!

Fortunately, I have an easy way for you to reunite those lost socks with their mates when they finally show up again: Just find an empty box, and turn it into your sock box. Then, stick all of the unmatched socks that you’re left with after folding the laundry into the box. On the next load, pull the box back out, and see if any of the unmatched socks from that load are a match for any of the unmatched socks from previous loads. Add any new unmatched socks to the box … and repeat the cycle again.

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