Estate Sale Find: Vintage Stove

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Estate Sale Find: Vintage Stove

My husband and I stopped by an estate sale last Friday while we were out yard saling, and immediately spotted this beauty of a stove. I figured it would be out of our price range, but nope; they only wanted $30 for it. At that price, I didn’t even bother negotiating.

Vintage Frigidaire Oven Knob

It’s a 1953 Frigidaire (made by General Motors). The porcelain is in great shape, and it’s in working condition.

Vintage Frigidaire Stove Knobs

We’ll definitely go over the wiring before we use it, but I think we got a great deal.

Oh, and a nice little bonus: After digging through all the junk in the oven drawer, we uncovered a vintage meat grinder. Score!

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  1. Great vintage stove. We have one like it only smaller and trying to locate a knob (rear). I have been searching without any luck!

  2. I am looking at buying one of these locally for pretty cheap. The owner says it’s a double oven but I’m not sure if she is correct. Can you tell me more about if it is an oven/broiler or a double oven? I know the bottom drawer is a storage area. Thanks

      1. Hi Erin, I think you will find that the left hand drawer on your stove is a warming oven. If so, there should be a small switch inside, on the upper left hand side. It can be used to warm plates, serving dishes, food (not sure of the temperature for food) and for raising bread. It is a wonderful thing. You may well have discovered this by now, as it’s been a while since the last comment.

        1. Thanks, I’ll have to take a look the next time we’re at our cabin. We haven’t wired the cabin yet, so I haven’t examined the features of the stove too closely yet. A warming drawer would be awesome 🙂

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