Fall Kids’ Consignment Sale

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Fall Kids' Consignment Sale

Last spring I participated in a consignment sale for the first time, and it went really well, so I decided to give it another go. I’ve priced 190 items, and I’ll be dropping them off for the fall consignment sale later this morning. Here’s a look at what I’ll be taking:

Lots of hanging clothes. I’m still thinning out my collection, so there’s everything from newborn to size 7 represented here. This sale allows juniors clothes, so I’m selling some of my things, too.

Holiday Dresses

You can sell both fall and winter clothes at this sale, so I’ll be selling all of my kids’ outgrown holiday dresses …

Christmas Shirts

Christmas shirts …

Halloween Shirts

Halloween shirts …

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes …


winter coats …

Winter Pajamas

winter pajamas, hats, scarves and mittens.

Shoes for Consignment

I’ll also be taking a dozen pairs of shoes (give or take a pair).

Consignment Toys and Stuffed Animals

You’re limited to 10 stuffed animals at this consignment sale, so I picked the ones that I thought would do best. The second tub is full of toys. I’ll be curious to see if toys sell better at the fall sale. Do you think shoppers will be buying for Christmas? I sure hope so.

Books and Movies

We usually check out books and movies at the library, instead of buying them, so I have just a small number to sell.

Booster Seats

My youngest daughter is finally out of a car seat, so we’re taking two booster seats along.

Baby Bedding

And I still have some baby bedding to get rid of. Fingers crossed that it all sells (since it’s bulky to store).

My Out-of-Pocket Costs

Registration was $5 (which included 100 tags). I still had some tags left over from the last sale, so I only had to buy one additional stack. That was $1 for 50 tags. I was also out of plastic fasteners for my tagging gun, so I bought a box of 5,000 fasteners off of eBay for $8.50. I shouldn’t ever have to buy those again! That brings my total out-of-pocket costs to $14.50 (about the same as last sale). Now, that I’m well stocked on everything, I’m expecting future sales to cost me around $8.

Profit Sharing:

At this particular consignment sale, you get 70% of the profit, if you volunteer to work a two-hour shift; and 50% if you don’t. I’ll be helping with set up this morning, to grab that extra 20%. I did the same last time, and found it was also a great way to preview the items that would be for sale.

A Nice Bonus:

Anyone who consigns 25 items or more gets three tickets to the early sale that takes place tonight, so selling is also a great way to get first dibs on all the goodies. I’ll be inventorying my kids’ clothes and shoes today, so I know what we need to look for when we go.

Will I Beat My Spring Total?

I made $167.30 at the spring consignment sale after subtracting my costs. I’m hoping I’ll be able to beat that total this time. I’ll post an update next week to let you know how I did and to show you what I bought.

How I Did

I just picked up my check yesterday afternoon, and I made $220.50. That’s a $206 profit, after subtracting out my costs. Of the 191 items that I brought, 101 sold. Yay for more space in the basement! Here’s a peek at what we bought during the pre-sale:

Pink Cowgirl Boots

Pink cowgirl boots for my youngest daughter – $3.

Suede Lands End Boots

Suede Lands End boots for my oldest daughter – $7.

Converse All Stars

Converse All Stars for my husband – $4.

South Pole Coat

A reversible South Pole coat with down-fill for my husband – $5.

Black Waffle Weave Jacket

A black jacket for me – $2.

Cha-Cha-Cha Dancer Costume

And this Cha-cha-cha dancer costume by WitchCraft for my youngest daughter, which we paid $6 for. This costume created a nice teachable moment because we had just gotten the WitchCraft catalog in the mail the day before, and my daughter had spent hours pouring over all of the fancy (and pricey) costumes. This exact costume was in the catalog. Check it out:

Chachacha Dancer Catalog Photo

Chachacha Catalog Copy

And look at the prices! The dress and headpiece sell for $97.50! Can you believe that?

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  1. Consignment sales are great! Unfortunately, the places to consign where we live are few and far between it seems. There was a store which would buy childrens’ clothes outright, but the owner seemed unfair in her assessment and how much she would pay — for example, someone would bring in clothes that were cheap and in bad shape and pay them the same amount as someone who brought in good quality clothes that were freshly laundered and in excellent shape…it made no sense. What you’ve accomplished with a small investment is something to aspire to!

  2. HI, I just came across your post while I was looking for my 7 year old girl’s cha cha dancer custom. Would you consider selling the outfit to me? 🙂 Would appreciate your response. THank you!
    Kindly, HaeWon

    1. Hi HaeWon,

      I’m afraid she’s still very attached to it, and has plans to wear it again this Halloween. Sorry I wasn’t able to help.

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