First Finds of February

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Kitchen Cabinets

When I got up yesterday morning, I spotted a new curb pile a street down from us. A BIG curb pile. That’s exciting any time of year, but it’s especially exciting this time of year, when the piles are few and far between. We raced down to take a look, and I’m so glad we did. Here’s what we rescued.

Four upper kitchen cabinets. We have enough kitchen base cabinets for the cabin, but we didn’t have enough uppers yet. Looks like we do now. These will look great after a good scrub and a couple fresh coats of paint.

Plastic Shelf

A plastic shelf. We’ll either use this in the basement or in our office to store inventory.

Concrete Mold

A concrete mold and two bottles of concrete dye. Looks like a good excuse for a project.

Wrapping Paper

Three rolls of wrapping paper. Two of which hadn’t even been opened.

Gift Basket

A nice gift basket to add to my gift closet. I used up the last of my gift baskets at Christmas, so I was happy to snag this.

Property Flags

A handful of orange flags. We’ve been using these to mark the perimeter of our property, as we find the trees the surveyor sprayed.

Vintage Dust Pan

A vintage dust pan. If you ever see one of these at a yard sale, grab it. They put the plastic ones to shame. I may give this one a fresh coat of paint, but otherwise, it’s ready for several more decades of service.


A transformer for outdoor lights. Ironically, we just replaced the transformer for our porch lights.

Shower Rod

A shower rod, that’s still in its packaging. I’m hoping we’ll get to add an outdoor shower to our bath house this summer, so that’s one less thing we’ll have to buy.

ABS Pipe

Several feet of ABS pipe (new). We haven’t tackled any of the plumbing at the cabin yet, and I happen to prefer ABS to PVC (it’s stronger and doesn’t off-gas). Now we have less to buy.

Trash Bags

A big pile of trash bags. I HATE paying for trash bags, so this made me a happy girl.

Candle Snuffer

A candle snuffer. I love to give homemade candles for gifts, along with one of these. So, I’ll probably tuck it in my gift closet.


An old set of andirons. I just checked online, and it looks like you’d be hard pressed to get a decent set for under $120!

Commodore Electronics

The keyboard from a Commodore 64 and a Commodore cassette player. Do you remember these? Quite the blast from the past. We’re going to see if they have any value on eBay. If they do, we’ll plow it into debt repayment.

And that’s the last of it … Pretty good haul, don’t you think? It amazes me how often we find things that we’re looking for in curb piles. I always thought it would be possible to furnish a house with nothing but curb finds, and now that we have the cabin, it looks like we’re proving that theory true.

Have you found anything good in a curb pile lately? I’d love to hear about your latest score.

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