Flea Market Dresser Redo

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Flea Market Dresser Redo - Before

The first warm weekend of the season is always the best weekend at the flea market, and this year was no exception. I’ve been looking for a dresser to use in my upstairs hallway for quite some time, and I finally found the perfect dresser to redo. It had everything I was looking for:

  • A small footprint (I needed something narrow to fit the space)
  • Flat drawer fronts (to accommodate the specific makeover project that I had in mind)
  • Drawers that opened and closed smoothly
  • Solid construction

The cool handles were a nice bonus that sealed the deal for me.

The seller was asking $20 for it, but my husband only had $12.42 in his pocket, so that’s what we offered; and they took it!

Metallic Silver Spray Paint

I’m telling you, this was a meant-to-be situation because right before I found the dresser, I bought four cans of metallic silver spray paint at another booth to use on the dresser that I hadn’t yet found. I love the look of mirrored dressers, and I’ve been itching to recreate the look with paint. At $2 a can, I couldn’t resist buying ahead.

And apparently I wasn’t buying ahead at all. Who knew?

Dated Drawer Liners

We got the dresser home, and I got busy prepping it for paint. I ripped out the 80’s-fab contact paper …


removed the hardware, and gave everything a good sanding.

Wood Filling

Then, I filled in any chips and imperfections, and sanded those spots smooth. I took my time with this step, since I knew the metallic paint would show everything.

Spray Painted Dresser

Finally it was time to paint.

Spray Painted Drawers

The dressers and drawers each got two coats of paint, which took three cans of paint, and rendered my trigger finger useless.

Repainted Dresser

The next day, we put the hardware back on, and stuck all the drawers back in the dresser.

And … I wasn’t feeling it. At all. Thinking it might look better in the house, we hauled it upstairs, and … I still wasn’t feeling it. Frustrating. I decided to leave it sitting there while I gave it some more thought.

After walking past it a bunch of times, I ultimately decided that what it needed was a stenciled design to bring in a bit of contrast. So, I headed off to Michael’s armed with 50% off coupons, and bought a stencil and some grey acrylic paint.

The stencil helped, but it still needed more. That more ended up being a grey edge along the bottom and a grey top.

Flea Market Dresser Redo - After

Now, I’m happy with it.

Stenciled Detail

And I’m excited to finally have a spot for all of my vintage tablecloths and table runners.

Flea Market Dresser Redo - Before and After

Let’s take one more look at the before and after. Much improved. And affordable, too. Here’s a breakdown of the project costs:

Flea market dresser – $12.42
(3) cans of spray paint – $6
Wood filler – $2.98
Stencil – $5.49
Stencil adhesive – $2.99
(2) bottles of grey acrylic paint – $3.98

Total cost: $33.86

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