Foods to Buy at Dollar Tree

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Soft Pretzels

Would you buy food from a Dollar Tree? Until recently I would have said no, but you know what? I’ve really changed my mind about that. Because the thing is, they’re not just selling junk anymore. There are lots of real, minimally-processed foods to choose from, and the prices are crazy good. We’re talking 75% less that what I’m used to paying at the grocery store for the same thing (and in many cases, the same brands).

Every time I stop in to stock up on groceries, I find something new to try, and so far I haven’t been disappointed with anything.

Here’s a look at what I’m currently buying at Dollar Tree …

Nature's Own Bread

Nature’s Own Bread – They act as a bakery outlet for several bread companies, including Nature’s Own. What they get in varies, and it sells out quickly, so I fill the freezer when it’s in stock.

Cobblestone Buns

Cobblestone Buns – Healthy whole grain buns for a buck? You know those are going in the freezer, too.

Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit – We love to make smoothies for breakfast or a quick dinner, but it pains me to fork over $4 for a bag of frozen fruit, after our home-picked fruit runs out. I bought a few bags of their mixed berries to try, and was floored when I saw how many cherries were in the bag. Cherries aren’t cheap! I’ve since loaded up on bags of strawberries and peaches, too. Such a great buy.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries – We didn’t get any sweet potatoes in our CSA share last year, so I’ve been buying our sweet potato fries. The ones that I’ve been getting at Dollar Tree are every bit as good as the brand I had been buying at the grocery store, but they don’t cost $3.89 a bag.

Jennie-O Turkey Bacon

Jennie-O Turkey Bacon – We aren’t big bacon eaters, but we do use it as an ingredient in a few crockpot recipes. Filling the freezer with $1 packs of bacon is a lot less painful than filling it with $4 a pack bacon, don’t you think.

Soft Pretzels

Soft Pretzels – This was a new find today. Six soft-baked pretzels for $1. Can you believe it? We heated some up for snack, and they tasted just like the mall pretzels, minus the price.

Do you buy food from Dollar Tree? Are there other foods that you’ve found to be a good deal? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. When I was at Dollar Tree this morning, to pick up newspapers, I checked to see what bread they had and got 2 packages of potato rolls from a regional bakery. Thanks for the tip!

    Then I went to the grocery store and found a 3.3 lb. pork shoulder for 7.89 with a $3 off sticker and a bottle of Kraft BBQ sauce on sale for $1.50 with a $1 peelie. Pulled pork sandwiches for lunch after church tomorrow!

  2. when you buy your breads/rolls etc – how do you package them for the freezer? no matter what I do, they never thaw properly – they are always mushy. we found some pepperidge farm hotdog rolls – top sliced, which are much better than the side sliced – but Ive wrapped them, bagged them, foiled them, etc. but when I take a couple out to use, they turn hard or if I use the microwave – then they’re somewhat either mushy or doughy. any ideas? thanks

    1. Hi Sue,

      It sounds like you’ve tried a lot of what I’d recommend. One more thing you might want to try is toasting the bread. I pop frozen slices in the toaster when I want to make a sandwich. It thaws and toasts the bread at the same time, and seems to solve the mushiness problem.

  3. I have to tell you that this Saturday I was at my big box store…I know…over priced…but I was armed with coupons.

    Was trying to pick up some hamburger, etc…and there were so many people there I could barely get to the rack…..I just waited. Then they started to clear out…and the meat manager brought out the stickers!!!! whooooo hoooo—he said you were so patient you get the deals.

    He lowered EVERYTHING by 50% or more. So it was well worth the wait. And the same thing happened in the bakery. Got some incredible deals.

    Thanks for your shares….I am going to check out that freezer section i Dollar tree. I was just there yesterday and passed by it. Not anymore.


  4. Erin, has coupons for 55¢/1 for Cobblestone right now. You probably already know that but I didn’t want you to miss it since DT does take coupons. One dollar is great but 45¢ is even better!

    1. Oooh … and I just noticed there’s a $.55 off Jennie-O turkey bacon coupon. I’ll take $.45 bacon 🙂

  5. I was rather annoyed that Dollar Tree would not accept my printed from the cobblestone website coupon as the code would not scan…I don’t know if she was just doing something wrong cause I found the coupon via a post from someone who had used it at THEIR dollar tree. *shrug*

    1. Bummer. I’ve had problems with Cobblestone coupons too, but the cashier was able to enter them manually.

  6. I recently created a meal plan for $10 for one week of meals for one person from dollar tree. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of it. I posted it here.

  7. I tried the frozen fruits at Dollar Tree and was very disappointed because they were so mushy and tasteless; however, as you suggest, they may do well in a smoothie.

    I really like the cheese that Dollar Tree sells. For $1, you can’t beat it. Some varieties even have spices added for a little extra taste. I love cheese and this is a great way to feed my mania! =D

    Since their soymilk only needs shelf-space, ie, no refrigeration, I stock up on that every month. Same with their coffee and their coffee flavorings if they have any – the flavorings sell out fast.

    I get a few tins of sardines and other “fish” that make for great snacks or quick weekend suppers. Dried beans, bags of different trail mixes, and jars of peanuts compose the rest of my food “staples”. I also stock up on paper towels, cleaners, pens, air fresheners, AA batteries, paper plates, shampoos (they carry SILKIENCE which I love), and cosmetics (usually lipsticks).

    I love Dollar Tree! The cashiers are always surprised at how much I spend but I can’t help it: it’s the best place to buy necessities cheap!

  8. i drive about 30 minutes to our closest Dollar Tree but it’s worth it. i buy a few bags of the white rice each time. it’s huge for only $1.

  9. Thank you so much I am a slow learner but must say better late then not at all. Spend lots of money at Costco… our smoothies are costly then found the Dollar tree that has frozen fruit and so much more great deals. Besides just running in to grab party favorites,gift bag, etc. I now am sold on the amazing groceries prices. Thank you Erin and all you Beautiful women that share. Mickie

  10. I have found that there is finds that are pretty good, breakfast oats, spices, dried beans and rice, lunch snacks, and frozen veggies and fruit and berries, also large bottle apple juice and powder drink single packs are ones I like alot, canned veggies and soup are ok, still better then regular stores. I stay away from some snack foods like chips due to higher salt amounts.

  11. I get there ms. Freshly cakes and snacks all the time ever time great vaule ! perogis and ravilios, cream cheese, feta chz, sour cream, nacho cheese, jalapeno peppers, popsicles, bread, an when they get the big cereals and pizza the name brand ones. Also they sell the same peanuts that they sell down the phillies games same ounces and all. I go to dollar tree 2 to 3 times a week. Going up and down every aisle checking every spot. Lol. I love u Dollar tree!

  12. Raw cane sugar! My new Dollar Tree *thing.* I’ve been buying it at Aldi in the 6# bag ever since my Aldi opened. In May of this year, a 6# bag was $4.22. I think it’s a bit more now, at least $4.59? The 2# bags at Dollar Tree are $1.25 each, thus a savings of at least $0.47 per 6#. Not a lot but since my Aldi and my Dollar Tree have connected parking lots (and since I go into Dollar Tree all the time for my greeting cards (!!!) ) it’s not a problem. I will have to check on some of their other foods as I have not really done that. This Dollar Tree price turns out to be much cheaper even than buying it in a 50# bag – which was always a nuisance to store.

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