Fortune Cookie Valentines

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Fortune Cookie Valentine's

Whip up a set of these fortune cookies, and give them for Valentine’s Day. Here’s how they’re made.

Heart Fortune Cookie Printable

Step 1: Pick your favorite design and print it. Go here to print the heart design.

Monster Fortune Cookie Printable

or here to print the monster design.

Printable Valentine's Day Fortunes

Step 2: Then, print the Valentine’s fortunes:

Kid Fortunes
Adult Fortunes (nothing racy, just a smidge more grown up)

Heart Fortune Cookie Circles

Monster Fortune Cookie Circles

Step 3: Cut out the fortune cookie circles …

Cut Out Valentine Fortunes

and the fortunes.

Fold the Valentine Fortune Cookie in Half

Step 4: Then, fold the first circle in half, being careful not to crease the bottom edge. Use a spot of glue at the top to hold it in this taco shape. Repeat with the remaining circles. Then, allow them to dry before you continue.

Stick the Fortunes in the Cookies

Step 5: Stick a fortune inside each cookie.

Fold the Fortune Cookies

Step 6: Now, insert an index finger in each end of the cookie, and use your thumbs to bend your taco into a fortune cookie shape. Secure the ends with a bit of glue …

Secure the Fortune Cookies With Clothespins Until The Glue Dries

Then, use clothespins to hold them together until they’re dry. And that’s all there is to it. Your fortune cookie Valentine’s are now ready to give!

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