DNA test just $69...that's $30 off, thru Mon

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Love this!

No code needed. Get back 7.5% if you have an ebates account and find at ebates and then click thru to the site.

One fun thing is that if you have siblings (with the same birth parents), and you take this DNA test, your test results will also apply to your siblings. Frugal! LOL

I got myself the DNA test last year and It was amazing.....I thought I was 3/4 Norwegian and 1/4 German.

I may be 51% Scandinavian, 14% Irish, 12% European West (Germany, France, Denmark, etc). The rest of me is possibly trace amounts of all kinds of things...including Eastern European Jew, and SW Asia (turkey, syria, etc). This would be going wayyyyy back in the family genes LOL

The figures are a range, so I could be more Scandinavian, or less, the same for each. YOu get a big full report about the regions, and the history and migration patterns etc.

I'm getting my dad a test for xmas. Hope to get my mom one, too. I think with both their tests I could puzzle out a more accurate's fun.

Also shows you people who might be in your family tree, based on their DNA and possible connections with recorded ancestors. To access that in detail, though, you have to subscribe to the DNA site.

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