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US Weekly Mag, 18 months FREE, no credit card

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:26 pm
by ohjodi ... nonmem.htm

This really is legit....I've been getting free magazines from Rewards Gold since 2012.

Go to the link and create a membership, then it takes you to a survey (usually about things like soap, watches, razors, etc). After the survey you can redeem the points you just earned for the US Weekly subscription, OR you can spend those points on another subscription they offer, OR you can just save the points and use them later. They will sometimes send you an email to take another survey, and you can do that and either save the points or redeem them. You can also send the subscription to someone else if you want......I send the US Weekly to my mom and step mom.

They don't always offer US Weekly, so I wouldn't wait to redeem for that, if you're interested.

A couple of the subscriptions they offer might be in Spanish, or just digital, so double check before you order.

Right now they also offer Sports Illustrated, and New York Magazine. I've gotten Martha Stewart, The New Yorker (I keep checking back for that one!), Smart Money, and Forbes.