Shampoo and haircut

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Shampoo and haircut

Post by frugalmom »

If you have an Ulta beauty store near you, I just read their ad that on Oct. 11, Sunday they will give a shampoo and haircut if you donate 10.00 for Breast Cancer Research Foundation there. Idk how much they usually charge at their salons but I think probably it is much more usually. Out here it is pricey-the discount ones here are like 13.00-15.00 and many 25.00 and up. So just heads up for you if you need a haircut!

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Re: Shampoo and haircut

Post by floridacatlover »

That sounds like a very good deal and for a good cause. We do not have Ulta in my area yet but one is planned for next year.

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Re: Shampoo and haircut

Post by ChopinLover »

I will never go to Ulta for a haircut ever again. I went once, and all the chairs were empty...only ONE young woman was cutting, I told her what I wanted and she did everything the opposite. When I complained they just shrugged their shoulders and turned away. AVOID them. Overpriced. No coupon is worth them ruining your hair for several months.

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Re: Shampoo and haircut

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

That sounds like a great deal! Usually, around here haircut and shampoo is about $25 depending on the salon. and, like you said it is for a good cause. I just got a haircut and color so I am set but I would try it out if I needed a cut. thanks for sharing. cj

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