NOV 1 only, KITCHENAID Art. Mixer $164 after $60 KOHLS Cash...

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NOV 1 only, KITCHENAID Art. Mixer $164 after $60 KOHLS Cash...

Post by ohjodi »

Here we go! KOHL's always has the KitchenAid Mixer deals....this one is great, and you get $60 of Kohl's Cash which you have to redeem Nov 2-15.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, ONLY! ... d=93095070

KITCHENAID Artisan 5-qt stand mixer in 28 colors

$279.99 minus $56 (20% GOSAVE20 coupon) = $223.99
Subtract the $60 Kohl's Cash you will earn and then spend Nov 2-15 = $163.99

Add your state's sales tax (if they do charge that)

Shipping is FREE.

ADDED: Get $10 back when you shop through, or 3% back when you use!

Kohl's has the best KitchenAid deals.....I've bought two of these, here. Ten years ago I bought mine for $120, and four years ago I got one for my step-mom for $140. Mine was actually $96 but I had a deal off my mastercard that saved me a bit more)

IMO this is a great deal.


There might be a SLIGHTLY better deal within the next few weeks, but that would likely involve getting a Kohl's credit card to save an additional 10%, but the Kohl's cash might be less (it's usually $10 per $50 spent).

And there usually isn't as many colors available by then.

When you spend your $60 Kohl's cash, I must recommend the Cuddle Duds flannel sheets....thick, warm, very sturdy! LOL

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Re: NOV 1 only, KITCHENAID Art. Mixer $164 after $60 KOHLS Cash...

Post by littlemiss63 »

Ohjodi, thanks so much for keeping us posted on these specials.

I thought that I might add that never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of checking out a Pawn Shop for a mixer, but earlier last month I was telling a friend that mine had bite the dust and she told me that she loves to buy jewelry at these shops and had gotten what she felt like were some good buys there. She was almost positive that she had seen a Kitchenaid Mixers there. I was out running around one day and stopped at the one near my home. She was right, I found a 4.5 Quart one that looked brand new, in the box, all 3 paddles and the cookbook inside for $79.99. I asked if I could test it and they said, "sure". I am pleased as can be with it.

I know I'm taking a chance on it lasting, but with their track record I thought it was worth it. I called Kitchen Aid and they told me to send in the registration papers that was with the product and if he had never been registered that I was good to go with the warranty. That is what I call a company that believes in their products.

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