"Emergency" Substitution

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"Emergency" Substitution

Post by 11cats2beagles »

When I went to make banana bread this morning I was out of baking soda. After doing some research online, I subbed triple the amount of baking powder. The result is a more "cake-like" banana bread - but it worked. I also used two bananas instead of 3 because I only had two. I was also out of butter for the melted butter the recipe called for so I substituted vegetable oil.

The baking soda and butter have been replaced but I wanted to bake NOW and was not about to run to the store, as I knew I would be shopping later.

What substitutions have you (successfully or unsuccessfully) made in recipes?

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Re: "Emergency" Substitution

Post by MackerelCat »

I keep powdered milk on hand for cooking. Any time I need evaporated milk, such as when making a pumpkin pie, I stir some powdered milk into liquid milk until it reaches the same consistency as evap. milk. (Not the same thing as condensed milk, because what I use is not sweet.)

Also, applesauce or a mashed, very ripe pear makes a good substitute for one banana in banana bread.

Instead of putting chopped nuts on top of pumpkin bread, I make a strusel topping of brown sugar, butter, a spoonful of flour and old-fashioned oatmeal. People love and it and it costs only a few cents to make.

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