Crunch Sweet Pickles - For Clem

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Crunch Sweet Pickles - For Clem

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Crunchy Sweet Pickles

1 gallon of dill (not kosher) pickles (I found them at Kroger.)
*4 lb. bag of sugar (note 4 lbs. not 5 lbs.)
4 T. mustard seed
4 T. celery seed
1 ½ t. alum
1 cup of vinegar

Drain pickles. Cut off ends and cut pickles into chunks.
Place pickles in ice water for 3 hours. Drain. Place pickles, seeds, and sugar in layers in the jar. Add the vinegar and alum. Screw the top on tightly. (Be sure to leave the cardboard circle inside the top, otherwise it will leak.) Turn the jar over daily for 10 days.

Store in a cool place. I leave mine on the kitchen counter so I won’t forget to turn the jar over each day.

*There is a lot of sugar. Be sure to add enough on each layer. Add any that is left to the last layer before adding vinegar. Put an up arrow on your calendar on the first day

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