Spaghetti Questions

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Re: Spaghetti Questions

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The San Tung wings are from Cooking with Vina site on you tube. I usually follow them and since I know what it really tastes like, I may tweak it,but that is the basic premise of the wings. I know the actual restaurant uses honey though at least from an interview. But this recipe was very close although sweeter.

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Re: Spaghetti Questions

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LWolfT wrote:
Mon Dec 28, 2020 9:12 am
I will jazz up tomato sauce (or jarred pasta sauce) by sauteing onions and peppers. I also use eggplant, but I see that's not an option.

If you can get some fresh basil, pesto is easy to make — that's great on spaghetti. (There are recipes that don't use pine nuts — just garlic, basil and olive oil.)

If you like pumpkin (and I'm noticing cans of puree are on markdown these days) I like this recipe: Personally, I use either evaporated or regular milk rather than coconut milk, and dried herbs ...
Thank you for the reminder - right around this time of year, Dollar General has canned pumpkin marked down to about .25 cents. I'm not shopping until week 2 in January - but I'll have a look then.

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