MFH Forum Seed and Plant Exchange

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MFH Forum Seed and Plant Exchange

Post by ErinHuffstetler »

The first annual My Frugal Home Seed Swap was lots of fun, so I thought I'd also set up an ongoing seed and plant exchange here on the forum. This will give us a spot to exchange seeds and plants year-round. So, if you'd like to request seeds, or share your extras, this is the place to do it.

Here are some ground rules to get us started:
  • You must be a registered forum member to request or offer seeds or plant material.
  • You may only offer open-pollinated and heirloom seeds that you grew and collected from your own garden. Roots, bulbs, tubers and cuttings are okay, too. However, you can't offer anything that is patented, hybrid, poisonous or illegal.
  • To stay on the right side of the law, you may only swap with people in your country. It is your responsibility to determine if there are any state/local laws that prohibit the importation of the plant you intend to send or receive.
  • You may request a SASE to cover the cost of postage, but you may not charge for any seeds or plant material that you offer here.
  • Do not share your address or personal information in this thread. Once you've agreed to swap with someone, private message them to exchange contact information.
  • To keep this fun for everyone, please follow through, if you agree to an exchange.
Ready to Give It a Try?

Post a list of the seeds and plants you're looking for, or start with a list of what you have to offer. You can make trades, or simply offer your extras to other forum members. The choice is yours.
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Re: MFH Forum Seed and Plant Exchange

Post by gaylejackson2 »

I have large purple lima beans I’d be delighted to share. They are about the same size as my first thumb knuckle to tip past my thumbnail.

I’d be delighted to send anyone 1ounce to plant, if you send me a SASE.

They typically grow 4 feet tall, though sometimes only 18 inches. They are covered in sweet red flowers that bees & hummingbirds love, that turn into 6-8” long green pods with purple stripes. Harvest the seeds after the pods dry out & split.

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Re: MFH Forum Seed and Plant Exchange

Post by qcollins »

Hi! New to the group, and gardening! Wondering if anyone is willing to send me a few seeds to get started. I can send SASE. I am interested in all types fruits and vegetables. I live in CT, zone 6. Thanks.

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