Garden update 2016

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Re: Garden update 2016

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I picked lettuce, a few green onions, parsley on Thursday. Guess I will have salad all week since DH dislikes the parsley.

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Re: Garden update 2016

Post by Jackielou »

Our garden was not a complete success this past summer. It had a lot to do with the 5" of rain in 30 minutes. It kind of put paid to many of the plants. The weather was only nice for a very short time so some things just wouldn't grow.

We are hoping for better weather next summer and will plan to attack the garden and container gardening with a vengeance.

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Re: Garden update 2016

Post by gaylejackson2 »

My garden got completely taken down and even tilled (a rarity for me) about 3 weeks ago. I did leave a row of onions in the ground to go an extra year for bigger size. Now I'm enjoying the fruits (and vegs) of my labor this winter.... I finally got enough ripened tomatoes to make 2 batches of salsa - something I've never made before, as well as green beans, diced canned tomatoes, diced green & jalapeno peppers, and I dried the last of our sweet corn (I just couldn't face canning anymore). I'll grind that corn later this winter to use in making cornbread.

Our apple trees produced very little, thanks to the hailstorms we had in mid-summer; however, our little peach tree gave us 1 bushel of fruit!! (We got 3 peaches from it last year.) I happily canned our peaches in both sugar syrup for hubby & kids, and some in home-canned apple juice -- YUM!!

Come January or February, I'm going to start longing for spring & summer, and I hope to start seeds thisyear too.

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