Are you growing a garden?

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Are you growing a garden?

Post by frugalmom »

I used to have a vegetable garden. WE did not do one this year-I do miss my tomatoes! I do have mint, cilantro and green chile peppers. I do still have fruit trees and lots of those-apricot, figs, pomegranates, apples, oranges,cherries (though one died so Idk what will happen to the second one),plums, lemon-lime,
loquats, etc. Now with the coronavirus you see how vulnerable you are even with a stockpile (like I am wondering even how long a stockpile will last my family that it seems never enough!). Think better to be self-sufficient with a big garden and I like the idea of getting it from our garden instead of going to the store! So do any of you feel the same way about how vulnerable we are and are you growing anything? What are you growing? Do you put ground coffee in the soil? Do you compost? Anyone getting chickens? Or other animals and have a small yard? Are you making your yard a homestead? So how are you doing it and what are you doing? Are you in the suburbs or located in the countryside? Give us your inspirations!

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Re: Are you growing a garden?

Post by Dgflorida »

Yes, I have a small garden. I garden without poisons and it is doing ok. I have tomatoes to share with my neighbors and cherries on my food fence for anyone to pick and enjoy. I follow organic principles. The county does not allow chickens or other small animals. Many HOA's here do not allow any fruits or vegetables to be grown in the front yards(some do not even allow the back yards). This may change after this crisis.

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Re: Are you growing a garden?

Post by LogicsHere »

No garden here, apartment living doesn't allow for it.

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Re: Are you growing a garden?

Post by rinty »

Lots of lovely posts, Ellen marie !

yes, we garden. we have a greenhouse which we use to sow seeds and grow things on, and ( English weather being what it is ) we use it through the summer for tomatoes , peppers, cucumbers and aubergines ( aubergines always fail, I personally would give up that battle this year )

WE grow, potatoes ( 2 types ) onions ( white, yellow and red ) also salad onions, garlic, shallots, tomatoes, courgettes, savoy cabbage and sweetheart cabbage ( cauliflower ( always fails !) beetroot, sweetcorn, parsnips, peas, , French and runner beans, broad beans and leeks. Fruit, strawberries, raspberries, red currant and gooseberries.

And rhubarb , whch is the only thing ready to eat from the groud right now. We have radishes, lettuce and spring onion seed sown in the greenhouse. They will be grown in little 2 foot planters on benches ( out of reach of bloody snails and slugs, and I like to grow them that way as its easier. I do hanging baskets of mixed herbs and tumbler cherry tomatoes.

I have a herb planter that is a large trough , about 6ft by 2ft and that has rosemary, sage, oregano, dill and thyme ( we have mint in post as it takes over ) we don't like coriander call it cilantro, but we do grow it cos its pretty to look at.

WE have two veg patches here in the garden with the greenhouse but we also have an allotment plot a few miles away. it is a Britsh thing I think, maybe you have something similar in the US. It cost us £22 a YEAR to rent. It has water there but you can't use hoses, you have to fill your watering cans and walk it to your plot. The allotment means we can grow what we do.

My DSF has always grow a big garden and his advice has been wonderful throughout my life. My DH turns his hadn to anything and is one of lifes workers so he goes at it like its his career ( he is over 70 and retired )

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Re: Are you growing a garden?

Post by nbeaver »

We always grow a garden. I have potatoes, broccoli, onions, lettuce, and radishes growing and just planted the first planting of corn seeds, but they are not up yet, which is a good thing as there is a freeze warning tonight, and I'm going to cover even my cold-hardy things with a tarp. I have tomato and pepper plants as well as some flowers on the back porch ready to plant when the weather is warmer and also have more seeds waiting for warmer weather: beans, limas, squash, cucumbers, etc.

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Re: Are you growing a garden?

Post by SandiSAHM »

Yes. DH is the grandson of a farmer and is 2nd happiest (1st is at Lowe's) when he's in the garden messing with his plants.

What are you growing? Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, beets, herbs, butternut squash. And a bunch of flowers; some stuff in the ground, some in pots.

Do you put ground coffee in the soil? Not directly...

Do you compost? Yes, including the coffee grounds.

Anyone getting chickens? Or other animals and have a small yard? No. Not only would it really freak out the dog (beast is not a "farm dog" by any stretch) but it's illegal to have chickens or livestock here.

We lucked out into a fairly large (for suburban Oklahoma) yard in a reasonably nice area. No McMansions or gated entries, but no one parks their cars in their yards and blares loud music all day long, either. We've lived on both ends of that spectrum and neither was much fun. I wish we'd never had to leave the house we were in 2 houses ago, but 90 miles round-trip to work every day for DH wasn't tenable so, here we are.

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