Eating Hostas

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Eating Hostas

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I recently ran across several articles about eating hostas. You use the first little spears in the spring. They can be used like asparagus. Pick them then boil them. After that then bake in the oven..Also raw they can be chopped and used as stir fry veggies. They said in Japan they are used more as a veggie crop than ornamental. I have some hostas that need to be divided. I am going to start to plant them more around the house for food as well as ornamental.Go on line and type in" eating hostas" and you will find ways to eat and harvest them. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Eating Hostas

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Never heard of this Janet. I am going to do some reading up on the subject.

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Re: Eating Hostas

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Very interesting! never heard of that. thanks for sharing Janet! cj

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