My Red Coat

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Re: My Red Coat

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Jackielou wrote:I am trying out the drag and drop feature now available to see if it works for me or if my pictures are still too big.
Had to resize lets see if it worked.
SO nice, Jackie !!!!!!

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Re: My Red Coat

Post by floridacatlover »

What an accomplishment. It's really beautiful and such a gorgeous color. When I lived in the north, wearing a bright color always gave me a lift on a dreary, cold day.

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Re: My Red Coat

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This is stunning!
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Re: My Red Coat

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Thanks everybody. It was a job to sew, mostly because of the lining. Now that it is done (even though the collar is not right and I did it over and over until I became scared that I was going to ruin the darn thing totally), I really enjoy it.

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Re: My Red Coat

Post by chocolite »

Jackie, that is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the style and how it's longer in the back and sort of swingy. And the color is gorgeous! What a great job you did.

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Re: My Red Coat

Post by Heloise »

Love the coat, Jackie!

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